Vacuum Packed Mattresses - Comfort and convenience rolled into one

If you’re looking for mattress that’s easy to store and transport, our vacuum packed range is for you. All the products in this range come compressed to just 60% of the size of a normal mattress. But because these mattresses are made from the same high quality materials as our core range, you won’t be sacrificing comfort or value.


Compact and easy to move

Perfect if you don’t want to drag your mattress up the stairs, through narrow doorways, or simply need an extra bed at short notice.

Minimal packaging

Less packaging to dispose of compared to a traditional mattress, helping you to do your bit for the environment!

Ready to use

Once unpacked, your mattress will take just a couple of hours to regain its shape, so you won’t have to wait long to sleep on it.

Hygienic and hypoallergenic

The packing process seals the mattress, protecting against dust, mould and insects and helping prevent allergies.

Forget about bed bugs

All our products are covered in a soft knit, Bug Guard treated fabric, to eliminate dust mites and bed bugs.

Stay cool, sleep well

The range contains Blu Cool Memory Foam mattresses – all the comfort and support of memory foam, with new technology to prevent heat retention, keeping you cool for a better night’s sleep.

Support where you need it most

Our luxury mattresses also contain Vita Talalay: a natural, hypoallergenic material which moulds to your body, and provides support and ventilation to promote restful sleep.

Find your Perfect Vacuum Packed Mattress


Our vacuum packed mattresses come directly from leading British manufacturer Swift Mattress Company, known for their high quality, durable and comfortable memory foam and sprung mattresses. All Swift Mattress products come with a one-year warranty. So you can rest assured – you’re in good hands.

Ortho Deluxe Mattress

Ortho Deluxe Mattress

A hypoallergenic mattress with 12.5 gauge coil springs and rod edge frames for a firm, supportive feel to help heal aches and pains.

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Swift K Zone Mattress

Swift K Zone Mattress

Ideal for children and teenagers, this comfortable and supportive mattress is made from high-density memory foam with a resilient core: making it a great alternative to a spring mattress.

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Swift BluCool™ Memory 400 Mattress

Swift BluCool™ Memory 400 Mattress

High quality, long lasting memory foam mattress, topped with 30mm Blu Cool memory foam for extra comfort whilst you sleep, without heat retention. This mattress is ideal for children and teenagers, as well as adults.

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