Enjoy The Luxury of Space With an Ottoman Bed

If your living space is cramped and your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, an ottoman storage bed could be the perfect solution.

This range of luxury bed frames come with discreet, built-in storage underneath the mattress – so not only do you get a stylish, comfortable bed, but you’ll have a secret place to hide away clutter.

Find a bed that fits

No matter how much space you have, we’ve got an ottoman storage bed for you. All the bedframes in this range come in every size – from Single to Super-King – and the bigger the bed, the more storage space within.

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Ottoman Beds FAQs

What type of mattress should I use?

Our ottoman bed frames will work with any mattress you choose, no matter the weight, as long as it’s the same size as your base. So whether you prefer to sleep on a memory foam [link to page] or pocket sprung mattress [link to page], you’ll get a great night’s sleep on one of our ottoman beds.

How does my mattress stay on the bed?

All our ottoman beds are designed with a non-slip base to guarantee your mattress doesn’t slide off when you access the interior storage space. For our foot-opening beds, the tasteful matching headboard ensures the mattress stays in place, whilst on the side-opening models, one side of the bed frame is slightly higher.

Do I have to remove my mattress to get to the storage area?

No! It’s easy to get to anything you’ve stored inside one of our ottoman beds, whenever you need it. Simply lift the platform to access the storage inside your ottoman bed, as if you were opening a box. Thanks to the hydraulic lift system, it’s easy to lift - no matter the weight of your mattress.

How much storage is inside my ottoman bed?

Our ottoman beds offer almost all of their whole interior as storage. So a standard 5’0” by 6’3” King-sized bed will give you approximately the same area for storage – approximately 0.72 cubic metres, and there are options to compartmentalise this space for better organisation.

What does an ottoman bed look like?

All the beds in our ottoman range are fully customisable. They can be ordered in a range of colours and materials to suit your tastes and décor. You’re able to choose from a side-opening or foot-opening mode depending on how you’d like to access your storage, and all our ottoman bedframes have the option of a matching headboard.

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