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FD Beds is proud to be the leading UK Supplier of vacuum packed mattresses from the Swift Mattress Company. This range of British-made, memory foam mattresses are delivered compressed just 60% of the size of a traditional mattress for your convenience - so they’re a great option if you need to transport your mattress up flights of stairs or get it through narrow doorways.

Featuring brand new Blu Cool Memory Foam, you’re guaranteed the comfort of a high quality memory foam mattress with technology to combat heat retention. Your mattress stays cool in summer and warm in winter, so you get a better night’s sleep.

Our vacuum packed mattresses also contain natural, hypoallergenic Vita Talalay, which moulds to your body, giving you support where you need it, and Bug Guard treated soft-knit fabric cover to eliminate dust-mites and bedbugs.

Vacuum packed mattresses regain their shape and are ready to use around 2 hours after they’re unpacked. Find out more about vacuum packed mattresses in our guide.

Swift K Zone Mattress

Special Sized  - Swift Blu Cool 400 Mattress

Special Sized  - Swift Memory 200 Mattress

Swift BluCool™ Memory 400 Mattress

Swift BluCool™ Memory 600 Mattress

Swift Gel Feel® 300 Mattress

Swift Memory 200 Mattress

Swift Talalay Latex 300 Mattress

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