Comfort & Orthopaedic Mattresses

For people who require a firmer bed, all of our comfort orthopaedic mattresses incorporate a medium to firm and even firmer spring units to give you that extra support. If you have back problems or pain in other areas then one of our comfort and orthopaedic mattresses for sale could be perfect for you. This can be a great benefit to anyone who perhaps medically has been advised or just that your current bed is not giving you the support you need.

Our mattresses have been custom made specifically for you, the customer, so please use the firm rating on each bed to gauge how firm you require your bed.

We have upholstered our range of comfort and orthopaedic mattresses with high-quality damask fabric to enhance the feel and comfort and used hypoallergenic fillings. Please feel free to browse our huge selection of comfort and orthopaedic mattresses to find the right bed for your own personal requirements

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Latex Orthopedic Mattress


Ex Tax: £240.83

Latex Orthopedic Talalay Latex MattressHow Does it work?The Latex orthopedic features a firm orthopedic spring unit to provide an overall firm sleeping surface, the orthopedic spring a very common spring and gives the feel of a supportive mattress. The Talalay Latex filling in the mattress cont..

Memory Orthopedic Mattress


Ex Tax: £199.17

Memory Orthopedic Sprung Memory Foam Mattress  How Does it work?The Memory orthopedic features a firm orthopedic spring system to provide support and an overall firm feel to the mattress, the Memory Orthopedic features an exclusive next generation Blu Cool memory foam layer desig..

Aura Gel Orthopedic Mattress


Ex Tax: £199.17

Aura Orthopedic Gel Foam Divan BedHow Does It Work?The Aura orthopedic mattress features the traditional orthopedic spring unit designed to provide a firm overall tension to the mattress. The Gel feel foam provides optimal pressure relief and fantastic temperature regulation to ensure you have ..

Grace Orthopedic Airstream Mattress


Ex Tax: £174.17

Grace Orthopedic Airstream Fibre Mattress   How Does It Work?The Grace orthopedic is a traditional orthopedic spring mattress with its firm overall tension. The Airstream fibre is a wonderful product for anyone from memory foam users who do not like the heat to allergy suffe..

Orthopedic Master Mattress


Ex Tax: £157.50

Ortho Master Mattress   Hand Tufted  – Orthopaedic Spring System – Damask Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - 25cmdeep   •Firmest sprung mattress we make! •Hard wearing damask •Tufted By Hand •Quilted Borders  •Mattress Depth: 25 cm  ..

Enigma Orthopedic Mattress


Ex Tax: £140.83

Enigma Divan High Loft Micro Quilt Design – 12.5g Orthopaedic Spring System  – Quality Damask Fabric  - 24cm deep  •High Loft Micro Quilt Design•12.5g  Orthopaedic Spring System•Quality Damask Fabric•No Turn MattressThe 12.5 gauge orthopedic unit coi..

Olivia Comfort Mattress


Ex Tax: £149.17

Olivia Mattress   High Lofted – Medium Spring Unit –Soft Cool Touch Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - 30cm deep   •Medium Spring Unit •Soft Comfort  •High Lofted •Extra Deep mattress  •Soft cool touch fabric  •Polyester Hypo-A..

Tahlia Comfort Mattress


Ex Tax: £140.83

Tahlia Divan High Lofted – Medium Spring Unit – Quality Damask Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - 25cm deep •Medium Spring Unit•Medium to Firm Comfort Support •High Lofted•Damask Fabric Cover•Polyester Hypo-Allergenic FillingsThe Tahlia Divan a 27cm de..

Regency Comfort Mattress


Ex Tax: £124.17

Regency Mattress   Medium Spring Unit – Soft Touch Damask Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - 22cm deep   •Medium Spring Unit •Medium Fimness •Damask Fabric Cover •Polyester Hypo-Allergenic Fillings The Regency features a 22cm deep mattress wi..

Celina Comfort Mattress


Ex Tax: £124.17

Celina Mattress    High Lofted – Medium Spring Unit – Quality Damask Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - 25cm deep   •Medium Spring Unit •Medium to Firm Comfort Support  •High Lofted •Damask Fabric Cover •Polyester Hypo-Allergenic Fil..

Cosy Plus Mattress


Ex Tax: £124.17

 Cosy Plus Mattress    Medium Gauge Spring - Stitch Bond Cotton Fabric -High Loft   •Medium Spring •Medium Comfort •Stitch Bond Cotton  Fabric  •Polyester Hypo-Allergenic Fillings   The Cosy Plus mattress features a 23cm deep mattress with a medi..

Oxford Orthopedic Mattress


Ex Tax: £132.50

Oxford Mattress    Sculpture Design  – Orthopaedic Spring  Unit – Soft Touch Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - 23cm deep   •Medium Comfort Support •Luxurious Soft Knit easy touch Fabric  •Sculpture Design •Stitched Borders..

Swift Gel Feel Foam 300 Mattress


Ex Tax: £249.17

New Swift 300 Gel featuring Gel Feel®   Sculpture Quilted With 3D Border -  Enhanced HighDensity Foam– Featuring Gel Feel® -  Climate Cool Bug Guard® Fabric     • Gel Feel® Pad •Enchanced HighDensity Foam with a resilience co..

Skyline Orthopedic Mattress


Ex Tax: £124.17

Skyline Ortho Mattress Simulated Tufted – Semi orthopaedic spring system – Damask Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - 18cm deep   •Medium Firmness  •Damask Fabric  •No-Turn mattress •Mattress Depth: 18cm   Skyline ortho mattress has ..

Special Sized - Ortho Master Mattress


Ex Tax: £207.50

Ortho Master MattressThis product page is for custom sized versions of the Ortho Master mattress Regular sized Ortho Master product page can be found in the related products   Hand Tufted  – Orthopaedic Spring System – Damask Fabric - Totally Hypoallergenic Fillings - ..

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