Wooden Frames

Factory Direct have a selection of small single, double and king sized wooden beds, all supplied from our warehouse in Leicester, Leicestershire, UK. Our wooden beframes are made from the finiest wooden possible but still maintaing a bargain to you the customer, all of the wooden bedframes are straigh foward to put together, containing the best wood and the best finish to the product but mainting a light, sturdy and fashionable bedframe to make your bedroom a focal point in the house.


Ashbourne Bed Frame

Ashfield Bed Frame

Ashton Bed Frame

Ashton Bed Frame


Baltic Pine Wooden Bed Frame

Despina Bed Frame

Despina Wooden Underbed

Florence Bed Frame In Pine

Florence Bed Frame In White

Kentucky Bed Frame

Kentucky Bed Frame In Black & Oak

Moderna Bed Frame In White

Moderna Bedframe In Pine

Neptune Bed Frame

Palmero Guest Bed

Pavo Bunk Bed

Pavo Bunk Bed


Pavo High Sleeper

Pavo Study Bunk

Pavo Study Bunk


Sedna Bed Frame

Terran  Bed Frame

Terran Bed Frame


Vesta Bed Frame

Vesta Bed Frame


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