Bed Frames

The right bed frame is a great addition to any bedroom. Our range comes in a wide variety of styles including wooden bed frames, beds for children, bunk beds and beds upholstered in leather and fabric.

Our bed frames are made to complement your mattress, helping it last longer and giving you the most supportive sleep surface possible, for the very best night’s sleep.

All our products are made by a team with 22 years’ experience, and are crafted from British materials and components, in our local Leicestershire factory. So when you buy a bedframe from FD Beds, you’re getting a high quality UK product, at a great price.

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Aries Faux Leather Bed Frame

Ashbourne Bed Frame

Ashfield Bed Frame

Ashton Bed Frame

Ashton Bed Frame


Atlanta Bed Frame

Baltic Pine Wooden Bed Frame

Bertie Bunk Bed Silver Finish

Cetus Day Bed Frame

Cuba Bedframe

Cuba Bedframe


Despina Bed Frame

Despina Wooden Underbed

Dorado Bedframe

Dorado Bedframe


Florence Bed Frame In Pine

Florence Bed Frame In White

Guest Underbed

Guest Underbed


Jupiter Ottoman Bed Frame

Kentucky Bed Frame

Kentucky Bed Frame In Black & Oak

Libra Metal Bed Frame

Lunar Guestbed

Lunar Guestbed


Mars Metal Guest Bed

Mira Faux Leather Bed Frame

Moderna Bed Frame In White

Moderna Bedframe In Pine

Neon Metal Bed Frame

Neptune Bed Frame

New York Faux Leather In Black Bed Frame

New York Faux Leather In Brown Bed Frame

No Bolt Bunk Bed

Palmero Guest Bed

Pavo Bunk Bed

Pavo Bunk Bed


Pavo High Sleeper

Pavo Study Bunk

Pavo Study Bunk


Rhea Bed Frame In Plush Silver

Saturn Bed Frame

Saturn Bed Frame


Sedna Bed Frame

Sirus Day Bed Frame

Student Bunk

Student Bunk


Terran  Bed Frame

Terran Bed Frame


Vesta Bed Frame

Vesta Bed Frame


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