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The best bed store in Leicestershire

Factory Direct (FD Beds) are leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of divan beds, leather, wooden and metal beds, bunk beds and mattresses. We are one of the best and most experienced manufacturers of beds within the Leicestershire county.

Our showroom in Barwell, Leicestershire is the perfect place to browse our collection of beds and mattresses and make the right choice for your bedroom. We always have on hand, fully trained experts who can guide you to the bed, bed frame or mattress that you and your budget desire.

The team at FD Beds have over 20 year’s experience in the bed industry and have been providing the best night’s sleep to home across Leicestershire during that time, so you’ll be in safe hands. FD Beds have been servicing the local area since 1996 so have seen and done it all before.

Factory Direct Beds also choose which beds we offer, we don’t have stock branded beds that you see in showrooms across the Leicester area, all of our beds are unique to you and manufactured by us.


Our range of beds

At FD Beds we understand that each individual who comes in to our store our browses our website has a different need. You may be looking to buy a bed that suits your home décor or be looking for more storage space in your home and even looking to have an extra option for when guests come to stay.

At FD Beds we off a range of beds including:


Our Range of Ottoman and Storage Beds

When you first enter our Leicestershire bed showroom, the first thing you may notice is our collection of luxury storage and ottoman beds. We at FD Beds understand the need in modern housing for extra storage space. For that reason we have manufactured the best range of storage beds any across the Leicestershire area.

Such is the variety of storage beds we can offer side lift, full lift and half lift storage Ottoman beds. Many of our Ottoman beds come with matching headboards to add that sense of style and consistency to your bedroom. Although, we offer high quality goods you’ll find FD Beds are as suitable on price as any Leicester beds showroom that you will visit.

Our Maxi Storage Beds

When looking for the best solutions on storage for your bedroom our Maxi Storage bed with matching headboard is perfect.

The maxi storage bed is perfect for those who have mobility issues as they are at the same level as drawers but offer more storage space. In a king size bed you would get 0.65 cubic meters of space which is the perfect solution for storing larger items such as suitcases.

The Maxi storage bed that is available to see in our Leicestershire showroom is available in a variety of fabrics to suit your bedroom and bedroom furniture. Just speak to a member of the FD Beds team and we will be more than happy to help.

Ordering your Bed from FD Beds – Delivery to the Room of your Choice

Although we have a beds showroom in Leicestershire, FD Beds can deliver beds and mattresses nationwide. We offer fast delivery and make sure that everything sold is delivered in perfect condition and ready for assembly.

Nationwide deliveries are covered by a professional and reliable logistic company that specialises in the delivery of beds, bed frames and mattresses. We offer 2 man delivery team who will deliver your item not just to your home or premises but to the exact room that you choose. This saves you, the client carrying heavy items upstairs etc. and past awkward corridors, our experts take care of it all.

From our Barwell showroom we also offer a local courier service within a 30 mile radius which includes areas like; Barwell, Birmingham, Burton, Coalville, Coventry, Derby, Hinckley, Leamington Spa, Leicester, Leicestershire, Lichfield, Loughborough, Market Harborough, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Rugby, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Walsall and Warwick.

Why not pop in and see us or click here browse our website and pick your perfect bed today?



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How do you sleep at night? The Great British Bedtime Report

We know how important sleep is, and although a top-quality bed is a great start in getting a restful night, there are a variety of factors that keep us Brits tossing and turning!

The Sleep Council has recently released its 2017 Great British Bedtime Report – aiming to shed some light on the nation’s sleeping habits. An off-shoot of the National Bed Federation, the Sleep Council aims to promote the physical and mental benefits of a good night’s sleep, and understanding how people sleep is a huge part of this.

Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council said: “It is the first time we have ever undertaken such wide-ranging benchmark consumer research, and being able to compare this year’s data against that produced in 2013 really helps to set the nation’s changing sleep habits into context”.

One key takeaway from the report is that we’re increasingly turning to the bottle to help us nod off: Men are more likely to use alcohol to help them drift off than women, and 45-54-year-olds’ are the biggest culprits when it comes to having a nightcap. But in total, 25% of respondents said they use alcohol to help them get to sleep, compared to just 16% back in 2013.

This is a worrying trend: not only because of the health risks associated with increased alcohol consumption, but, although it seems to help you get to sleep, alcohol can actually disrupt your REM cycle – reducing the overall quality of your sleep and often causing you to wake up earlier than you otherwise would have.

And this is reflected in the fact that we’re not getting as much sleep as before: 74% of us now sleep less than seven hours a night, with most us sleeping between 5 and 7 hours, and 12% getting fewer than 5 hours a night: up 5% from 2013!

Better together?

The couple that sleeps together doesn’t necessarily stay together, as there’s an increasing trend for sleeping in separate bedrooms. In 2013, just 8% of those surveyed said they slept in a separate room to their partner – but in 2017 this has risen to 12% sleeping apart every night, and 24% sleeping apart at least some of the time.

It’s not just separate bedrooms, either. We’re also turning to bigger beds to get a bit of space from our sleep partners: with the number of respondents who own a king-sized bed jumping 12% – up to 32%. However, figures show that 47% are still sleeping in a standard double.

All work and no play…

Over the last few years, the role technology plays in our quality of sleep and the stress of being always connected have both been discussed as public health issues – with France even making it illegal to ask employees to check their work emails after-hours! So it’s encouraging to see that less of us are bringing technology into the bedroom, or doing work when they should be sleeping.

Although the number of those checking social media before bed rose slightly (from 8% to 9%), checking emails has more than halved: from 14% to 6% – must be that French influence! And the number of people that report watching TV in bed has fallen too: from 38% to 30%, while those using a laptop or tablet in bed is down from 12% to 8% – and a surprising 38% of those polled said that they don’t keep a smartphone in their bedroom at all: encouraging statistics, as Lisa Artis put it, “TVs, laptops and games consoles all have a significant impact on our sleeping habits and using a gadget just before bed makes it harder to switch off mentally and wind down.”

What’s keeping you up at night?

We should spend as much as a third of our lives sleeping, to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy. But sadly, almost half of us say stress is keeping us up. 25% report ‘partner disturbance’ as the thing that has them tossing and turning (perhaps this explains the trend for separate rooms and bigger beds) and 13% say that an uncomfortable bed leaves them unable to sleep.

“Bedtime should be a place where you can switch off, forget about the busyness of the day and relax. We can all suffer from worry and anxieties from time to time, but if its creating unhealthy sleeping habits, people should take action and get the peaceful night’s sleep they deserve.” – Lisa Artis, The Sleep Council

The stereotype goes that women are bigger worriers than men, so perhaps unsurprisingly, 51% of women find themselves up all night due to stress, compared to just 39% of men. And it could be money worries for some of us, since the survey found those who earn more are also prone to sleep more: 71% of those with a household income between £80,000 and £100,000 sleep on average more than six hours per night, whist 50% of those who earn under £10,000 sleep less than six; which could have a knock-on effect, since 23% of those polled say that a bad night’s sleep has a negative impact on their work performance, and 55% claim to feel more ready to ‘face the day’ if they’d slept well the night before.

If you’re finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, we’ve put together some tips to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. Or take a look at the Sleep Council website, where you can find helpful advice on how to improve sleep quality.

The Sleep Council Great British Bedtime Report was conducted by questioning a sample of 5,002 people between 27 December 2016 and 4 January 2017 via an online survey, ensuring a similar sample to those questioned in 2013.


Published Date: 2nd May 2017
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Sleep: Your questions answered

Great sleep starts with a great bed. But why is sleep so important? We’ve partnered with The National Bed Federation and Sleep Council to promote the physical and mental health benefits of a good night’s sleep, by answering a few common questions – and sharing some sleep facts you might not know.

Why do we sleep?

It might seem like our bodies are simply ‘powering down’ for the night so that we’re not tired the next day, but sleep is actually crucial for our body and mind in many ways.

Anyone who’s suffered from insomnia, or even just had to get up early after a sleepless night, will know first-hand how important sleep is for our well-being. Not only does it restore energy and help us avoid exhaustion, but sleep repairs our bodies and refresh our muscles. And equally as importantly, as we sleep our brains take the opportunity to organise and store thoughts and memories from the day before.

The Power of Sleep

We know that sleep refreshes our bodies and minds, providing energy for the day ahead. But sleep has a lot of hidden benefits you may not know about: we’ve picked out a few of the best ones, to inspire you to get an early night!

Sleep helps you with big decisions

There’s a reason people tell you to ‘sleep on it’ when you’ve got a tough decision to make. Getting enough sleep is the best way to ensure you brain is firing on all cylinders, boosting your creativity and helping you to think well, so that you find the right solution to your problem.

Sleep boosts your willpower

If you find it difficult to say no to the office biscuit tin, it could be because you’re not sleeping enough. Studies have shown that people eat almost 300 fewer calories a day when they’re well rested. This is because the part of the brain that controls sleep also helps control appetite and metabolism. When you don’t get enough sleep, your hormones are out of whack: you make more hunger hormones, and less leptin – which tells you when you’re full.

Sleep makes you more intelligent

While you’re sleeping, your brain is busy sorting through the new information you learned that day. The longer you sleep for, the more time it has to decide what to keep hold of, and what to forget. If you’re trying to learn something important, a good night’s sleep increases your chances of retaining it.

How much sleep do I need?

You’ve probably heard that adults need around 8 hours of sleep a day, and although this is a good baseline, we all have slightly different requirements. You’ll need different amounts of sleep throughout different stages of your life, depending on lifestyle, health and environmental factors. Listen to your body: You may find yourself consistently feeling refreshed after less than 8 hours – or it could take a little more shut-eye for you to be firing on all cylinders. 

Why do I wake up feeling tired?

Sleep is split into Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which is divided into three stages (NREM 1, 2 and 3) and Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM). We cycle through these four stages throughout the night, starting with NREM 1 – which is a light sleep we can be easily woken from, and ending with REM sleep; the stage of sleep where we dream (this is why you can often remember your dreams as soon as you wake up).  We need around one and a half hour of each stage to wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Source: http://www.sleepcouncil.org.uk/

If you consistently wake feeling groggy despite having an uninterrupted night’s sleep, you’re probably not sleeping for long enough to experience all four stages. And if you find yourself feeling particularly drowsy and disorientated when you wake, it’s likely your alarm is going off during NREM 3 – a deeper stage of sleep, which is difficult to wake up from.

If possible, try sleeping for longer to ensure you’re getting all four stages in. Allow yourself to wake up naturally, or in a gentler way, so as not to interrupt NREM 3. There are even apps that monitor your movement throughout the night to determine when you’re no longer in deep sleep, and wake you (within a specified window) at the point where you’ll feel most refreshed.

How do I know I’m getting enough sleep?

Feeling consistently tired, napping during the day and constantly reaching for caffeinated drinks are the most obvious clues you’re not sleeping enough. You might also find yourself becoming more irritable, short tempered and unreasonable, or have trouble focusing on and remembering things that usually come easily to you.

Finally, although this seems counter-intuitive, one symptom of not enough sleep is actually insomnia – trouble falling or staying asleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, The Sleep Council has some great resources to help you into the Land of Nod: from making sure your bedroom is a restful environment, to creating your perfect sleep routine.


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Big savings on Beds, Mattresses and Bedroom Furniture

Can’t settle for less comfort, but don’t know where to get a quality mattresses or beds that’s affordable? Well, if you are reading through this, you are already in the right place; because we, at FD Beds, have been providing best value for money to our customers and homeowners who have been looking forward to save big on new mattress, beds and furniture.

There isn’t anything better than a comfy bed where you can tuck in yourself on a cold winter evening, sipping through your favorite cup of tea or coffee. But you don’t have to just imagine all that; because you can actually live through it and reminiscence all your favourite memories.

We offer the widest and most affordable range of beds that could make anyone feel comfortable enough to spend their whole day in bed. We guarantee absolute bliss, comfort and durability, and all that at an extremely affordable prices.

Are you looking for some adjustable mattresses to deal with your backaches or just want to upgrade your pocket spring mattress? At our FD Beds sales centre, you can have a walkthrough of our entire collection of mattress, beds, headboards, double beds and memory foams beds.


We have been sourcing from the most reliable furniture and mattress providers and that’s why our prices are unbeatable!

Are you looking for a great double bed? Why not get one from FD Bed? We have the biggest range of beds that could ever get. Is it a children bed or a memory foam bed that you are looking for? We cater to the need of the masses with our extensive variety of latex, orthopaedic, pocket, ottoman storage, Airstream, summer and spring and children beds.


But we don’t only sell mattresses and beds, because we want to optimize your experience, and that’s why we also provide all the accompaniments like headboards, frames and so on. With our range, it won’t be an issue for you to pick the correct headboard for your bedroom. It not only compliments the aesthetics of your room, but also provide a touch of quality.

At FD Beds, we have a massive range of headboards with the option to pick your own fabric and frame (wooden or metal). We provide headboards in different shapes and sizes to match your needs.


Is it time to upgrade your furniture, why not do it from FD Beds? Whether it’s drawer wardrobe, single mirror, dressing table or a bookcase, you can never beat our prices and quality. And as aforementioned, we care for our customers and we want best for them in terms of quality, durability and affordability.


Order Now!

It’s the right time to get your new king size bed, double beds and memory foam beds, because we are all stocked with our best variety ever. It’s time to get all comfy with our affordable mattresses and bed sets, and we promise to deliver you the best!


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Up to 30% off on Mattresses and Beds at FD Beds

Factory Direct Beds never fail to deliver what is required, keeping in view that every individual has separate needs FD Beds feels immense pride in offering quintessential products for everyone. Whether you need pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam mattresses or even orthopaedic mattresses we have got you covered! A very important part of our company is that we try to look after our customers through special discount offers and concessions. This is not only necessary for maintaining our customer base but also to attract potential customers as our quality of mattresses when coupled up with amazing discount offers makes FD Beds’ discount offers the very best in town!



This season we present you with the most amazing offer that demands to be taken into consideration! You heard it right Factory Beds is offering up to a staggering 30% discount on all of its stocks, this essentially means that all your individual mattress needs are going to be entertained with huge discounts. One of the most amazing things of our company is our website which obviously thrives on the superb stock that we have efficiently displayed with all the features. Also with the help of filters you can efficiently manoeuvre the entire website with the help of a single click. Recently you might have noticed that we have included a special feature regarding the amazing discount that we are offering, just take a look at the top of any picture and notice that we are offering relative discounts up to 30%. Let us give you some examples regarding the discounts that we are offering on our diverse products. The first example is related to the category of orthopaedic beds which is a requirement for a lot of people. Keeping in view its demand we are offering the Ortho Perimeter Plasma Star Divan on 30% discount! We are not even joking as the Ortho Perimeter Plasma Star Divan is well known in the Orthopaedic category because of its features such as quality Damask fabric and a 12.5  auge orthopaedic spring system which makes it an exceptional product, especially when you are getting a 30% discount. So, if you are looking for an exceptional fair orthopaedic mattress then Factory Beds is the place for you.

Mattresses Online

Our second product essentially represents the diversity of products that Factory Beds represents meeting each and every single need. What if you require a headboard? Well, due to Factory Beds discount scheme you can get the Premium Dorchester Headboard on a discount of 10%. This is a pretty good deal and it further highlights the importance of our company that our discount scheme is not limited to a certain product.


It does not matter if you are looking for a mattress or an accessory related to beds, now is the time utilize this wonderful opportunity because this for a limited time frame but of course we will be offering pretty good deals in the future as well. Give it a try today.


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Factory Direct- Buy British made Divans and Mattresses Online

“Quality, Service & Value for Money” is the motto that our company embraces with heart. Factory Direct is a distinguished company that provides you an online platform where you can buy British made divans and mattresses. Our realm of specialization does not limit us to a certain category; this allows us to entertain the needs of each and every single customer. Whether you need pocket sprung mattresses or a bed we’ve got you covered in every aspect. Here are some of the reasons why you should shop at Factory Direct:


The single most distinguishing feature of Factory Direct is the fact that we have an endless variety when it comes to pocket sprung mattresses and elegant beds. If you take a look at our website’s beds section, you will find an endless variety of quality beds which means that all your individual needs are covered. Different bed styles including adjustable, children, Ottoman storage and even pocket sprung beds are available. Moving on to the section of mattresses same variety can be looked at, mattresses such as pocket sprung, adjustable, memory and Latex mattresses can be found.

Our Online Platform:

Factory Direct is an exclusive online buying company, a leader in mattresses and beds, we guarantee an excellent experience when it comes to online buying. One often hears that when someone tries online buying the person complains about the entire process and how difficult it was to actually receive the product. Another problem that occurs in this department is the fact that most of the times when a product is listed in the online inventory its real features is not listed and hence the quality is not up to the mark. Factory Direct guarantees that the information provided on our website is 100% real and the quality is outstanding. And even if you decide that you do not like the product we have a seven day return policy. So, there you go, you have nothing to worry about.

The best part about our website is that it is easy to maneuver and use accordingly. Everything is clearly defined in different sections and with precise filters we enable you a purchasing system that is both easy and efficient.

Some other Perks:

Factory Direct is not just confined to a certain category like beds or mattresses, rather we have a large variety of additional categories such as furniture, bed bases, headboards, frames and sports therapy collection. These additional perks allow us to not only target a wider audience but also enable you to have essential home products on a single site.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit fbbeds.co.uk and have access to quality mattresses and beds!


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Sports Therapy goes gold with Dan Greaves

Dan Greaves

A Paralympic gold medal for team GB discus thrower, Dan Greaves, was a product of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Along with a vigorous training programme and carefully balanced diet, giving his body the best chance to recover after training is vital to Dan’s athletic success.

Sports Therapy mattresses from FD Beds are specially designed to promote therapeutic sleep in people with an active lifestyle, and contain individually castellated comfort cells for optimum support.

Meanwhile, advanced AIR FLOW technology increases ventilation to keep your body cool throughout the night and maximise your recovery. With a Sports Therapy mattress, Dan Greaves gets a restful, restorative night’s sleep each night and wakes on top form day after day.


Published Date: 15th June 2015
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How to stop your bed becoming a battleground

How do you sleep in bed with your partner? Cuddled up in a cosy, spooning position all night? Waking up in a warm embrace? Our guess is no, because let’s face it, most of us don’t! Life is not a Hollywood blockbuster, and in reality sharing a bed with your partner isn’t always the dream we see on the big screen.

A lot of medical research into sleep habits over the last decade suggests that couples who share a bed are more likely to live longer and stay healthier than those who sleep alone. It’s believed that sharing a bed boosts emotional well-being and lowers the risk of depression, and we can understand why. It can be lovely to share a bed with your loved one and naturally many people find it very comforting.

With that said a decent night’s sleep with your other half can sometimes be a real challenge. From the sly stealing of covers to loud, irritating snoring, what was once a warm body by your side can quickly become a recipe for restlessness and arguments – a far cry from good health and happiness.

So what can you do to make sleeping as one a more pleasant experience? We have a few tips –

Try a bigger bed?
Did you know that average sleeper will turn over 60 times in the night?  It’s a wonder we don’t all fall out of our beds more regularly! For this reason, it’s important that you have enough space to move around, get comfortable and stretch out without disturbing your partner – and vice versa!

According to The Sleep Council, the easiest way to check if you have enough space in bed is to lie on your back next to your partner on the mattress, with your hands behind your heads, elbows out to either side. If your elbows touch, the bed is too small. We have a huge range of quality king size beds that are sure to give you and you partner the room you need!

Use two duvets
Another common cause of sleep disturbance between partners is stolen covers. It can be really irritating and can even cause arguments in relationships. The simplest solution to this issue we can find is to get your own set of bed covers! Having buying two duvets to cover each side of the bed separately stops cover-stealing and allows you to both have a cover in a tog and texture that you like.

Turn down the temperature
Being too hot in bed is horrible and very uncomfortable. It can make you more irritable and restless, and thus more like to get irritated by your partner’s movements! Our Blu Cool Memory Foam™ can massively help with maintaining a pleasant temperature in bed as its unique properties ensure that it does not retain body heat, thus providing the same unique properties of memory foam but without the heat.

Try a different bed
If your bed isn’t providing you with ultimate comfort levels, then you really are fighting a losing battle. Just like with overheating in bed, an uncomfortable bed can cause you to develop aches and pains which can make you restless. It’s much harder to get to sleep and much easier for your sleep to be disturbed if your bed isn’t comfy. A more suitable, comfortable bed is sure to help you and your partner sleep more harmoniously.

If you think your bed isn’t providing you with the night’s sleep you deserve, then please call FD Beds. We promise to help you sleep easy!


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Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment by moving furniture to specific areas and locations in the room. Although many are sceptical over its effectiveness those who have tried to follow the ideas of feng shui swear by it.

Having the proper Feng Shui in the bedroom can help your romantic life as well as your ability to rest and to feel in control and promote healthy sleep.

Beginning with the bed, the frame should be solid and in one piece. Whether it’s upholstered with leathers and fabrics or made solid wood we have a range of headboards that can be attached to your divan or bed. Furthermore, the head of your bed should be in front of a solid wall not a window or at an angle.

The mattress you have should provide you with support. Many options are available to you such as memory foam mattresses which mould to the body to evenly distribute your body weight supporting your curves and shape.

Your mattress should aid your lifestyle so a sports therapy mattress would be suitable for anyone with an active lifestyle from the Sports professional to the health conscious. In the heart of every Sports therapy mattress is cleverly constructed multi zone foam until, this foam with its individual castellated comfort cells creates air channels which enhance ventilation, airflow and cools the mattress.

This leads us on to the next step. Your bed should be at a good height with space underneath to allow the flow of energy. This positive feng shui energy needs to circulate around your body whilst you are sleeping and this would otherwise be blocked if there is storage or clutter under your bed.feng shui bed placement

The positioning of your bed is a fundamental fact in feng shui. Your bed should be placed as far away from the door as possible and should not be in direct line from it. It’s thought that having the bed in direct line of the door allows us to become vulnerable in our lives whereas facing the door at a distance will help us remain in control of our life. In the diagram examples 1 and 4 are both bad feng shui layouts that will bring negative energy. It’s also advised that if mirrors are placed in the bedroom they should be opposite the door.

Symmetry is also an important factor of furnishing your bedroom. Symmetry represents balance and a balanced life will relieve stress and promote healthy sleep.  Bedside tables and lamps should be placed at either side of the bed as well as providing symmetry; the soft lighting will be more gentle than your ceiling light.

Lastly, it is advised that large electronic equipment whether it be your television, computer, exercise bike or anything else should not be kept in the bedroom. However if you insist it should be kept as far away from the bed as possible. The bedroom should be solely for relaxing and any electronics can cause stress and block positive energy.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a feng shui friendly bedroom or are just looking to replace your existing bedroom furniture, here at FD Beds we have a range of divans, mattresses, bed frames, bedroom furniture and more to browse.




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