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Is your mattress damaging your health?

The Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every seven years, depending on how comfortable or supportive it feels. There are a variety of factors that can affect how you’re your mattress needs to be replaced: including, how you sleep on it, how well you take care of it, and how often it’s rotated.

A good rule of thumb is that if you’d be ashamed to let your friends or neighbours see your mattress – if it’s stained, sagging or otherwise looks worn out – it’s probably time to replace it. But it’s far more accurate to listen to your body. Ask yourself the following questions: if you ask mainly yes, it could be time to go mattress shopping.

  • Did you have your best recent night’s sleep in a bed other than your own?
  • Do you frequently wake up with aches and pains, and generally feeling unrefreshed?
  • Are you and your partner disturbed by each other changing positions or getting up in the night?
  • Can you feel lumps on your mattress as you lie on it?
  • Is it sagging – do you and your partner roll towards one another in the night?

Why do I need to replace my mattress?

We all know it’s far more relaxing to sleep on a new, supportive and comfortable mattress than an older, worn out model. However, if the promise of a better night’s sleep isn’t enough to tempt you into buying a new mattress, there are heath implications if you’re consistently sleeping on a mattress that’s too old.

Sagging springs and foam

The most obvious sign your mattress is past its best is when it begins to look and feel saggy. You might think this only happens to sprung mattresses, but the truth of the matter is, foam mattresses will also become misshapen over time, causing them to sag in some places, and feel lumpy in others.

If your mattress is uneven in this way, it won’t support your body correctly, meaning you don’t get the refreshing night’s sleep you need – but also potentially causing persistent neck, back and joint pain – that may need medical attention if not addressed.

Bugs and dust mites

Many dust mites and small spiders feed on the dead skin cells we all shed as we sleep, making old mattresses an attractive home for them.

Although insects are natural, and there’s nothing inherently harmful about them, it’s not very nice to think about! Some of us may be allergic to these bugs without realising it, resulting in painful and itchy bites if we sleep on a mattress that’s too old.

Bed bugs are also often found in old mattresses. They cause itchy red bites, and can often be seen congregating on the mattress seam – so if you think you might have them, it’s crucial to replace your mattress as soon as possible, since this is the only way to get rid of them – and they spread quickly, to other mattresses in your home – but also potentially to any other bed you sleep in.

Mould and bacteria

If your bedroom is damp, your mattress could be full of mould. Although most strains are harmless, they can trigger allergic reactions in an unlucky few. If you often find yourself waking up coughing or wheezing, with watery, itchy eyes, or itchy dry skin, you could be experiencing a reaction to mould – and it’s probably time to replace your mattress.

Something slightly less harmless that could be living inside your old mattress is bacteria and fungi. An old mattress is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria: dark, warm and humid. Studies have shown that some older, poorly looked after mattresses can contain strains such as norovirus and even MRSA – which can be extremely harmful to our heath.

Keeping your mattress new for longer

Once you’ve replaced your mattress with a supportive, bug and bacteria free model, you’ll want to keep it that way as long as possible. Here are a few tips to maximise the life of your mattress:

  • Invest in a mattress topper or extra slats for your bedframe (or opt for a divan base for extra support). This, along with regular turning, will prevent your mattress from sagging, as the pressure isn’t always concentrated in one place.
  • Opt for a hypoallergenic mattress, and if you’re really concerned about mould and other allergens, spray your mattress down with anti-bacterial spray whenever you change the sheets.
  • Regularly air out and vacuum your mattress. This reduces the chances of bugs, mould or bacteria making their home there.
  • Get a dehumidifier for your bedroom – if the air in the room is dry, there’s less chance of damp getting into your mattress.


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Up to 30% off on Mattresses and Beds at FD Beds

Factory Direct Beds never fail to deliver what is required, keeping in view that every individual has separate needs FD Beds feels immense pride in offering quintessential products for everyone. Whether you need pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam mattresses or even orthopaedic mattresses we have got you covered! A very important part of our company is that we try to look after our customers through special discount offers and concessions. This is not only necessary for maintaining our customer base but also to attract potential customers as our quality of mattresses when coupled up with amazing discount offers makes FD Beds’ discount offers the very best in town!



This season we present you with the most amazing offer that demands to be taken into consideration! You heard it right Factory Beds is offering up to a staggering 30% discount on all of its stocks, this essentially means that all your individual mattress needs are going to be entertained with huge discounts. One of the most amazing things of our company is our website which obviously thrives on the superb stock that we have efficiently displayed with all the features. Also with the help of filters you can efficiently manoeuvre the entire website with the help of a single click. Recently you might have noticed that we have included a special feature regarding the amazing discount that we are offering, just take a look at the top of any picture and notice that we are offering relative discounts up to 30%. Let us give you some examples regarding the discounts that we are offering on our diverse products. The first example is related to the category of orthopaedic beds which is a requirement for a lot of people. Keeping in view its demand we are offering the Ortho Perimeter Plasma Star Divan on 30% discount! We are not even joking as the Ortho Perimeter Plasma Star Divan is well known in the Orthopaedic category because of its features such as quality Damask fabric and a 12.5  auge orthopaedic spring system which makes it an exceptional product, especially when you are getting a 30% discount. So, if you are looking for an exceptional fair orthopaedic mattress then Factory Beds is the place for you.

Mattresses Online

Our second product essentially represents the diversity of products that Factory Beds represents meeting each and every single need. What if you require a headboard? Well, due to Factory Beds discount scheme you can get the Premium Dorchester Headboard on a discount of 10%. This is a pretty good deal and it further highlights the importance of our company that our discount scheme is not limited to a certain product.


It does not matter if you are looking for a mattress or an accessory related to beds, now is the time utilize this wonderful opportunity because this for a limited time frame but of course we will be offering pretty good deals in the future as well. Give it a try today.


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Sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses

Sizing up with Sports Therapy MattressesThe idea of having a sports mattress for those who are more active is beginning to become more understood.  Many of people aspire to having a sports mattress but worry that these mattresses might be huge and expensive.  Now the great thing for FD Beds is that we have mattresses that allow you to spread out and others that need a smaller bed to fit a smaller room. So we have considered your needs about sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses with our range of mattresses.

Sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses

Our Sports Therapy mattresses can be supplied in a range of eight sizes starting with a single mattress (90 x 190cm), through to a double mattress (135 x 190), a king size (150 x 190) right up to a luxurious super king mattress (180 x 198cm).  We also provide the added choice of having an optional 25 cm depth to provide even greater support than the 20 cm depth version.

The FD Beds sports therapy mattresses have been designed to anyone sleep who has an active lifestyle.  This means anyone who is a Sports professional or is just health conscious and has an active lifestyle.

All our Sports therapy mattresses have at their heart a cleverly constructed multi zone foam.  This foam has individual castellated comfort cells designed to create air channels.  These are in place to enhance ventilation, airflow and to cool the mattress.  This is important because it promotes therapeutic sleep.  A good therapeutic sleep aids the recovery and relaxation needed for sports aches and pains; which helps to alleviate pressure points to allow a better nights sleep.

If you want to find out more about sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses, why don’t you take a look at our Sports Mattress range by clicking here.  For further information on Sports Therapy mattresses, please call 01455 200 111. For sleep and other sports related suggestions, follow FD Beds on Facebook and Twitter.


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Sports Therapy goes gold with Dan Greaves

Dan Greaves

A Paralympic gold medal for team GB discus thrower, Dan Greaves, was a product of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Along with a vigorous training programme and carefully balanced diet, giving his body the best chance to recover after training is vital to Dan’s athletic success.

Sports Therapy mattresses from FD Beds are specially designed to promote therapeutic sleep in people with an active lifestyle, and contain individually castellated comfort cells for optimum support.

Meanwhile, advanced AIR FLOW technology increases ventilation to keep your body cool throughout the night and maximise your recovery. With a Sports Therapy mattress, Dan Greaves gets a restful, restorative night’s sleep each night and wakes on top form day after day.


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Sports Therapy mattress wins the race for Sophie Hosking

Sophie-3Olympic gold medallist and former Team GB rower, Sophie Hosking, knows well that athletic success is not just a matter of training. Rest and recovery form a vital part of any athlete’s regime and a good night’s sleep on a high quality mattress can make all the difference.

“Sleeping on my Sports Therapy mattress has made a huge difference to the condition that my back is in.  You spend a large part of your life lying on a mattress, so it is vital to ensure it gives your body the right support.”

Sports Therapy mattresses from Vogue Beds are specially designed to aid recovery and promote therapeutic sleep for people with an active lifestyle. A multi-zone foam unit enhances ventilation to keep you cool through the night, while individually castellated comfort cells alleviate pressure points to ease post-workout aches.

“The mattress helps me ensure a restful and peaceful night sleep so I am fully recovered for the next day,” Sophie agrees. “I would fully recommend the Sports Therapy mattress.”


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International rugby star recommends Sports Therapy mattresses


‘Having recently moved house, I was looking for a new mattress that would help me get the best possible sleep – vital for all professional athletes,’ says Anthony Watson, professional sportsman and rugby international.

To combat the physical strain of a full-time international rugby career, Anthony turned to a Vogue Sports Therapy mattress to allow his body the very best chance of a quick recovery. ‘It is perfect for this and has already led to better sleep and is helping my body to recover during rest,’ Anthony continues.

The specially engineered multi-zone foam unit at the heart of each Sports Therapy mattress creates air channels which enhances ventilation and cools the mattress. Meanwhile, individually castellated comfort cells alleviate pressure points and promote high quality sleep to ease those rugby aches and pains.

‘I would highly recommend it to other athletes,’ says Anthony, whose rocketing sporting career means he will need all the rest he can get.


Published Date: 9th June 2015
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“I am delighted with my FD Beds Sports Therapy Mattress. Prior to sleeping on this mattress, I struggled to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. With the rigours of professional sport, decent sleep is a must and I can’t … Continue reading

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Dame Sarah Storey floats in her sleep thanks to FD Beds

Dame SaraDame Sarah Storeyh Storey DBE is one of Great Britain’s most versatile and successful Paralympians in history having won 11 gold, eight silver and three bronze medals across an impressive six Paralympic Games. She has won her medals in two sports – swimming and cycling. With an international career that has spanned more than 20 years, Sarah has a unique and inspiring story, not least because she has also won some of her gold medals as an able-bodied athlete

“Sleep and recovery are as important as physical training so athletes spend a lot of time resting”, Sarah comments. This is why she sleeps on an FD Bed’s Sport Therapy mattress.

Sarah continues, “The Sports Therapy mattress provides an incredible sleep experience with all the comfort for a ‘I don’t want to get up’ feeling and all the practical attributes of never overheating and being supportive to the entire length of your body. It is so relaxing it feels as though you are floating.”

The Sports Therapy Latex model combines sports therapy foam and Talalay Latex to ensure a mattress without compromise. Talalay is a radically different version of latex foam; the manufacturing process allows you to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. With no loss of elasticity, it offers optimal support which, coupled with mildew resistance and anti-allergenic properties, makes for a very desirable product.

Its impressive air-flow technology and unique mesh border helps propel air-flow throughout the cleverly-constructed, castellated multi-zone foam unit in the mattress, meaning it is breathable and keeps the body at the ideal temperature for uninterrupted and efficient sleep. It’s a smart choice for sports professionals and also those who like to lead an active lifestyle.


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Sleeping helps you learn – FACT

We all know a good night’s sleep can be the difference between having a productive day at work or a bad day at the office and now scientists at the New York University School of Medicine and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, in China, have provided evidence to show that sleep does in fact aid productivity and fortify learning.

The study published in the journal Science adds to previous scientific findings suggesting that a lack of sleep could increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

By using mice, scientists have been able to analyse their brains to witness what occurs during sleep and sleep-deprivation after being trained to walk on top of a rotating rod.

What they found in those mice that slept was a larger amount of new connections being formed between brain cells and synapses, meaning tiny structures inside the brain were projecting from the end of nerve cells passing electronic signals from one neuron to the other – they were learning more.

The mice with disrupted, little or no sleep were found to have little memory formation and due to this the study concluded that sleep helps consolidate and reinforce new memories.

In an interview with the BBC the Professor Wen-Biao Gan who conducted the New York research said that the findings were ground breaking as science had never provided evidence to suggest that there was a connection between neurons and sleep.[1]

With this in mind, ensuring an undisrupted night’s sleep is key to ensuring you are performing any learnt tasks or jobs correctly throughout the following day and what better way to do this by ensuring you have the right sleeping equipment to ensure you’re at your most optimum levels?

We do spend approximately a third of every day in bed and whether that is during a peaceful sleep, restless slumber or fidgety tossing and turning will depend a lot on the mattress and bed that you choose.

Ideally a mattress that reduces pressure upon the most pressured points of your body should give you a better night’s sleep so investing in the right one is crucial – but just to complicate things more, the ideal mattress can vary from person to person.

Finding the right mattress here at Factory Direct Beds is not just about spending the most money or buying the highest-tech brand but about investing in what you want in a good night’s sleep.

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove one mattress can help you sleep better than the other (yet), those with certain medical conditions can rest easier with particular styles.

A medium to firm mattress is likely to give your spine the right stability and support whereas a firmer mattress with a softer pillow can provide both support and cushioning.

Our range of adjustable beds also may offer comfort if you need to sleep with your head slightly raised and are promoted sometimes by doctors who recommend elevating the head. With our adjustable beds you can also adjust your knees and hips which works well when trying to release pressure build up.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier we use our wealth of experience to ensure we sell you the product that is going to work for you. When it comes to fashion, style and design we have a variety of divan beds, leather, wooden and metal beds to suit all tastes and mattresses from sports mattresses and orthopaedic mattresses right through to memory foam mattresses.

Our showroom is based in Hinckley however we deliver to areas including Nottingham, Birmingham and Leicester.

Browse our range on-line or at our showroom or call us today if you require further assistance on getting a good night’s sleep.



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Olympic gymnast enjoys quality sleep thanks to FD Beds Sports mattress

Kristian Thomas use FD Beds sports mattressKristian Thomas has been a key member of the GB gymnastic team since the age of 10. The highlight of his career so far was winning gold at the 2013 European Championships team event, and a momentous bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics.


The artistic gymnast makes sure he takes times out of his busy schedule to rest and recover on the latest Sports Therapy mattress from FD Beds, helping to ensure he competes at a high performance level.


“Sleep and recovery is one of the most important factors for allowing my body to compete at the highest level possible” says Kristian. “After only a few nights sleep on the Sports Therapy mattress, I’ve immediately noticed the difference in the quality of my sleep and the help it provides to eliminate any aches and pains after a hard day’s training.”


The Sports Therapy mattress features luxury Talalay Latex for the ultimate in serene style and the structure is designed to help promote therapeutic sleep. It offers optimum support while keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter, alleviating pressure points and refreshing any sports aches and pains.  Take a look at our Sports Mattresses.


Its impressive air-flow technology and unique mesh border helps propel air-flow throughout the cleverly-constructed, castellated multi-zone foam unit in the mattress, meaning it is breathable and keeps the body at the ideal temperature for uninterrupted and efficient sleep. It’s the ideal choice for sports professionals and those who like to lead an active lifestyle.


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