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Factory Direct Beds and 5 Star Customer Care

Factory Direct Beds are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of divan beds, leather, wooden and metal beds, bunk beds and mattresses in the UK. Here are Factory Direct Beds we truly believe in high quality customer and employee interactions for the greatest possible purchasing experience. Whilst we love our online website due to high national demand for our products, we still feel that the best way to buy a bed is to come down to our Leicester bed store and see it, touch it, feel it and take a good old lie down on it.

In recent Factory Direct Beds news we have branched onto TrustPilot, the world’s most powerful review platform, free and open to all. TrustPilot hosts an array of reviews for leading companies such as Argos, Specsavers, Superdry, Autotrader and so on. There are 1.2 million new reviews posted on Trustpilot each month by members of the public showing appreciation for deserving brands like ourselves.

We have had 100% customer satisfaction response throughout all the reviews posted confirming all benefits that Factory Direct Beds have to offer.

We deliver using a local courier service within a 30 mile radius via our professional logistic company that specialises in this field. As Hitesh Tosar states, “ Delivery was bang on time and the delivery man was very helpful and kind.”

Read this beds review

Factory Direct Beds have spent the past 2 decades granted the people of Leicestershire the highest quality customer service and have grown into such a successful company by supplying the beds you want, without pushy sales staff, sale gimmicks. Our staff are local people wanting to put ease on your shopping experience. Customer SFS reviewed the service we gave, highlighting their appreciation on the Excellent experience from order to delivery, cannot fault the customer friendly manner my order was processed..”

Most bed retailer’s stock similar beds from various brands it can be confusing since they all look the same with different labels plus they charge higher prices. With our knowledge we tell the brands/manufactures to source the best contemporary beds with diversity in style to offer our customers. Minay Raithata expressed her satifaction via TrustPilot review noting that the bed she purhased was “ Both stylish and comfortable”

Throughout all our TrustPilot reviews the most frequent comment was in relation to the luxurious comfortability of our products. With multiple delighted customers further exemplifying our dedication to providing high quality mattresses for a good value, we are proud to say our customers feel important and achieve the quality of sleep they truly deserve.

No matter the type of bed you desire, Factory Direct Beds have what you’re seeking. Be it leather beds, wooden or metal beds, divan or bunk beds, visit our showroom in Leicester, near Hinckley in Leicestershire today. We take the hassle out of buying by keeping it simple, for you the customer and because we keep it simple we pass the savings directly on to you. We are here to make sure your sleep cycle is at its most optimum state


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The best bed store in Leicestershire

Factory Direct (FD Beds) are leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of divan beds, leather, wooden and metal beds, bunk beds and mattresses. We are one of the best and most experienced manufacturers of beds within the Leicestershire county.

Our showroom in Barwell, Leicestershire is the perfect place to browse our collection of beds and mattresses and make the right choice for your bedroom. We always have on hand, fully trained experts who can guide you to the bed, bed frame or mattress that you and your budget desire.

The team at FD Beds have over 20 year’s experience in the bed industry and have been providing the best night’s sleep to home across Leicestershire during that time, so you’ll be in safe hands. FD Beds have been servicing the local area since 1996 so have seen and done it all before.

Factory Direct Beds also choose which beds we offer, we don’t have stock branded beds that you see in showrooms across the Leicester area, all of our beds are unique to you and manufactured by us.


Our range of beds

At FD Beds we understand that each individual who comes in to our store our browses our website has a different need. You may be looking to buy a bed that suits your home décor or be looking for more storage space in your home and even looking to have an extra option for when guests come to stay.

At FD Beds we off a range of beds including:


Our Range of Ottoman and Storage Beds

When you first enter our Leicestershire bed showroom, the first thing you may notice is our collection of luxury storage and ottoman beds. We at FD Beds understand the need in modern housing for extra storage space. For that reason we have manufactured the best range of storage beds any across the Leicestershire area.

Such is the variety of storage beds we can offer side lift, full lift and half lift storage Ottoman beds. Many of our Ottoman beds come with matching headboards to add that sense of style and consistency to your bedroom. Although, we offer high quality goods you’ll find FD Beds are as suitable on price as any Leicester beds showroom that you will visit.

Our Maxi Storage Beds

When looking for the best solutions on storage for your bedroom our Maxi Storage bed with matching headboard is perfect.

The maxi storage bed is perfect for those who have mobility issues as they are at the same level as drawers but offer more storage space. In a king size bed you would get 0.65 cubic meters of space which is the perfect solution for storing larger items such as suitcases.

The Maxi storage bed that is available to see in our Leicestershire showroom is available in a variety of fabrics to suit your bedroom and bedroom furniture. Just speak to a member of the FD Beds team and we will be more than happy to help.

Ordering your Bed from FD Beds – Delivery to the Room of your Choice

Although we have a beds showroom in Leicestershire, FD Beds can deliver beds and mattresses nationwide. We offer fast delivery and make sure that everything sold is delivered in perfect condition and ready for assembly.

Nationwide deliveries are covered by a professional and reliable logistic company that specialises in the delivery of beds, bed frames and mattresses. We offer 2 man delivery team who will deliver your item not just to your home or premises but to the exact room that you choose. This saves you, the client carrying heavy items upstairs etc. and past awkward corridors, our experts take care of it all.

From our Barwell showroom we also offer a local courier service within a 30 mile radius which includes areas like; Barwell, Birmingham, Burton, Coalville, Coventry, Derby, Hinckley, Leamington Spa, Leicester, Leicestershire, Lichfield, Loughborough, Market Harborough, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Rugby, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Walsall and Warwick.

Why not pop in and see us or click here browse our website and pick your perfect bed today?



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Ottoman Beds – Excellent Sleep and Storage Solutions

Space is something we all struggle within our homes, sometimes it literally feels like we are playing a game of jenga trying to manage everything in the small space we have. Most of our space is taken by our furniture, but the thing about furniture is that we need it and we cannot get rid of the essentials. One of the biggest pieces of our furniture is the bed. The thing is huge and takes up considerable space which can be utilized elsewhere. But what if there was a way to keep the bed there, and use its space to store things? There is such a thing, known as the Ottoman Bed.

So what is an Ottoman Bed you ask? Well, it is a bed frame or divan which offers a majority of its interior space for storage, how do you access that space? The storage is accessed by lifting the platform on top of which the mattress rests, creating a huge chest of sorts in which you can store your things and when you close the platform top, it becomes back into a bed. The platform is suspended by the means of tension springs or a hydraulic system that assists you in the process of lifting and raising the platform. The Ottoman beds have to which they can hold the load, so you’ll have to check with the retailer to find out how much your bed can hold. As compared to drawer storage beds, Ottoman Beds have much more capacity to the load they can hold. Of course there is also the case of single and double beds too, Double Ottoman beds can hold more but they are bigger so they take up more space as well. Single ottoman beds on the other hand cannot hold as much as double ottoman beds but the single Ottoman beds don’t take up much space. Though you’ll find a lot of retailers for the ottoman beds, but FDBeds are one of the best bed retailers out there. You’ll find a variety of Ottoman beds up for sale at FDBeds, and we offer free delivery as well.

The front lift ottoman bed offers a finish with high quality fabric, and a base with soft feel padding; it has a storage capacity of 0.72 cubic metres in a 5’0” size. The premium base offers the highest quality bases, with double carding on the platform that increases its strength and life. Like the front lift ottoman bed, it has a storage capacity of 0.72 cubic metres in a 5’0” size. The half lift ottoman bed fold in half instead of having to lift the whole platform up, it is only available in double sizes, whereas the others listed before it were available in single sizes as well. The side lift ottoman beds open from the side as compared to the front and it has a storage capacity of 0.72 cubic metres in a 5’0” size like the ones before it and is available in both single and double sizes.

So why not buy an ottoman bed today to look after your sleep and storage.


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Change Your Bed, Change Your Sleep This New Year

Are you tired of having a tiring sleep? Well, that does happen to a lot of people in UK who may ignore to pay attention to a good night’s sleep. Having a great bed for your room could mean giving your body the comfort that it deserves; but if you don’t, you are certainly giving up a lot on your productivity. The purpose of going to sleep is to power up your body, so that it’s fully ready for the daily work and house chores. That’s why, this new year, make a resolution that you would give yourself all the comfort and exhilaration that your body has been craving for.

Take a look at some of our our top-notch, yet affordable Wooden Beds, Adjustable beds, and Metal Beds range.

  1. Wooden beds

At Factory Direct, we aim to provide our customers aesthetically satisfying comfort through our wide range of wooden beds. With our world’s best mattresses, and a wide array of single, double, and king size wooden beds, you will hardly find a better mix and match of looks and comfort. All of our wooden beds are made of the best wood giving your room the perfect finish that your existing beds maybe failing to provide.

  1. Adjustable beds

There isn’t anything as good as an adjustable bed for protecting your back. At FD Beds, we have world-class range of adjustable beds that perfectly match the contours on your back. These beds are great for those with backache issues and for those who find it difficult to sleep. With these beds, you can easily adjust the inclination to better suit and match your sleep posture.

Shallow Standard

At FD Beds, you can find the widest variety of adjustable beds—you can either choose from our Standard Adjustable base that includes a deep base on castors or a shallow base with optional legs, or you can go with the Deluxe Adjustable that only has a deep base with mattress resting inside it. With the latter, you also have the option to choose a matching foot board and headboard. Also, you can pick these adjustable beds in a colour of your choice.

And if you want to get these beds with drawer options, we have got that covered too!

  1. Steel beds

Are you a steel bed enthusiast? Well, we have a fascinating collection of wrought iron beds that aren’t just durable for decades to come, but are also a great value for money. FD Beds know how to take care of your bedroom fantasy, and that’s why we have every piece of furniture that you could think of! Our years into this business has made us capable enough to cater to different tastes and needs. You can get a deal on your next bed from as low as £220. We love our customers and we want the best for them—that’s what FD Beds is all about.

Need some help with your next bed? Give us call or visit our showroom for a hands-on experience with our bed range.


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Searching for The Ultimate in Luxury? Try Our Super King Size Bed!

If sheer comfort is all that you need after a tiring, nerve-wrecking, and high-pressure day, it’s important that you pick the right bed for yourself. For most working people, much of their after-work time is spent on their bed; they just want to tuck in, get comfy, and have their favourite cup of tea/coffee while watching TV or reading a book. But just getting any bed isn’t the choice; you have to take varying factors into consideration before picking up a new bed. And if you really value your sleep and health, it’s important you get only the ultimate in luxury, a super king-size bed, and that you can get only from FD Beds in UK.

Here it is how we provide the world’s best king size beds in UK for your every kind of taste and need.

Top-notch Sourcing

When it’s about your comfort, you can’t compromise on the quality. But the inability of bed makes in correlating quality with unaffordability has made it difficult for most of us to get their “backs” onto the best bed. But with FD Beds’ special and reliable sourcing, there is always something for someone. With quality as our top priority, we ensure that our suppliers have a deal with us that’s valuable to our customers; so we keep our profit margins just satisfactory enough to get you the best value out of your spent money.

We have some of the best beds in UK, so feel free to visit our display centre anytime.

Memory Foam Beds

When it’s about the health of your back, beds made out of memory foam would mean giving a perfect support to your back’s contours through an auto adjustment process. These beds have the ability to relieve your pressure points, giving you an exhilarating and one-off experience. Our Special Memory Foam Collection is provided by Vogue Beds, who have been providing us both regular and their special Blu Cool Memory Foam.

Starting from £200, our memory foam beds can provide you all the comfort that you need to get your back in its full health, so that you get up with full energy and a cozy full night’s sleep. Our memory foam beds are available in soft knit fabric, giving you the the ultra comfort that you need.

Fabric Beds

With our biggest range of premium quality fabrics and a standard deep base, you can create your superior bed. Just pick your fabric, base and the mattress, and you have got for yourself the best mattress in UK.

Wooden Beds

Don’t like the whole knit fabric touch, get our wooden beds that provide bespoke feel when you mix and match our mattresses with our wooden bed bases.

Guaranteed comfort and quality

We know how to deliver quality at affordable prices, so give us a call, or visit our display centre; you will absolutely fall in love with our collection!


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Big savings on Beds, Mattresses and Bedroom Furniture

Can’t settle for less comfort, but don’t know where to get a quality mattresses or beds that’s affordable? Well, if you are reading through this, you are already in the right place; because we, at FD Beds, have been providing best value for money to our customers and homeowners who have been looking forward to save big on new mattress, beds and furniture.

There isn’t anything better than a comfy bed where you can tuck in yourself on a cold winter evening, sipping through your favorite cup of tea or coffee. But you don’t have to just imagine all that; because you can actually live through it and reminiscence all your favourite memories.

We offer the widest and most affordable range of beds that could make anyone feel comfortable enough to spend their whole day in bed. We guarantee absolute bliss, comfort and durability, and all that at an extremely affordable prices.

Are you looking for some adjustable mattresses to deal with your backaches or just want to upgrade your pocket spring mattress? At our FD Beds sales centre, you can have a walkthrough of our entire collection of mattress, beds, headboards, double beds and memory foams beds.


We have been sourcing from the most reliable furniture and mattress providers and that’s why our prices are unbeatable!

Are you looking for a great double bed? Why not get one from FD Bed? We have the biggest range of beds that could ever get. Is it a children bed or a memory foam bed that you are looking for? We cater to the need of the masses with our extensive variety of latex, orthopaedic, pocket, ottoman storage, Airstream, summer and spring and children beds.


But we don’t only sell mattresses and beds, because we want to optimize your experience, and that’s why we also provide all the accompaniments like headboards, frames and so on. With our range, it won’t be an issue for you to pick the correct headboard for your bedroom. It not only compliments the aesthetics of your room, but also provide a touch of quality.

At FD Beds, we have a massive range of headboards with the option to pick your own fabric and frame (wooden or metal). We provide headboards in different shapes and sizes to match your needs.


Is it time to upgrade your furniture, why not do it from FD Beds? Whether it’s drawer wardrobe, single mirror, dressing table or a bookcase, you can never beat our prices and quality. And as aforementioned, we care for our customers and we want best for them in terms of quality, durability and affordability.


Order Now!

It’s the right time to get your new king size bed, double beds and memory foam beds, because we are all stocked with our best variety ever. It’s time to get all comfy with our affordable mattresses and bed sets, and we promise to deliver you the best!


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Up to 30% off on Mattresses and Beds at FD Beds

Factory Direct Beds never fail to deliver what is required, keeping in view that every individual has separate needs FD Beds feels immense pride in offering quintessential products for everyone. Whether you need pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam mattresses or even orthopaedic mattresses we have got you covered! A very important part of our company is that we try to look after our customers through special discount offers and concessions. This is not only necessary for maintaining our customer base but also to attract potential customers as our quality of mattresses when coupled up with amazing discount offers makes FD Beds’ discount offers the very best in town!



This season we present you with the most amazing offer that demands to be taken into consideration! You heard it right Factory Beds is offering up to a staggering 30% discount on all of its stocks, this essentially means that all your individual mattress needs are going to be entertained with huge discounts. One of the most amazing things of our company is our website which obviously thrives on the superb stock that we have efficiently displayed with all the features. Also with the help of filters you can efficiently manoeuvre the entire website with the help of a single click. Recently you might have noticed that we have included a special feature regarding the amazing discount that we are offering, just take a look at the top of any picture and notice that we are offering relative discounts up to 30%. Let us give you some examples regarding the discounts that we are offering on our diverse products. The first example is related to the category of orthopaedic beds which is a requirement for a lot of people. Keeping in view its demand we are offering the Ortho Perimeter Plasma Star Divan on 30% discount! We are not even joking as the Ortho Perimeter Plasma Star Divan is well known in the Orthopaedic category because of its features such as quality Damask fabric and a 12.5  auge orthopaedic spring system which makes it an exceptional product, especially when you are getting a 30% discount. So, if you are looking for an exceptional fair orthopaedic mattress then Factory Beds is the place for you.

Mattresses Online

Our second product essentially represents the diversity of products that Factory Beds represents meeting each and every single need. What if you require a headboard? Well, due to Factory Beds discount scheme you can get the Premium Dorchester Headboard on a discount of 10%. This is a pretty good deal and it further highlights the importance of our company that our discount scheme is not limited to a certain product.


It does not matter if you are looking for a mattress or an accessory related to beds, now is the time utilize this wonderful opportunity because this for a limited time frame but of course we will be offering pretty good deals in the future as well. Give it a try today.


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Factory Direct- Buy British made Divans and Mattresses Online

“Quality, Service & Value for Money” is the motto that our company embraces with heart. Factory Direct is a distinguished company that provides you an online platform where you can buy British made divans and mattresses. Our realm of specialization does not limit us to a certain category; this allows us to entertain the needs of each and every single customer. Whether you need pocket sprung mattresses or a bed we’ve got you covered in every aspect. Here are some of the reasons why you should shop at Factory Direct:


The single most distinguishing feature of Factory Direct is the fact that we have an endless variety when it comes to pocket sprung mattresses and elegant beds. If you take a look at our website’s beds section, you will find an endless variety of quality beds which means that all your individual needs are covered. Different bed styles including adjustable, children, Ottoman storage and even pocket sprung beds are available. Moving on to the section of mattresses same variety can be looked at, mattresses such as pocket sprung, adjustable, memory and Latex mattresses can be found.

Our Online Platform:

Factory Direct is an exclusive online buying company, a leader in mattresses and beds, we guarantee an excellent experience when it comes to online buying. One often hears that when someone tries online buying the person complains about the entire process and how difficult it was to actually receive the product. Another problem that occurs in this department is the fact that most of the times when a product is listed in the online inventory its real features is not listed and hence the quality is not up to the mark. Factory Direct guarantees that the information provided on our website is 100% real and the quality is outstanding. And even if you decide that you do not like the product we have a seven day return policy. So, there you go, you have nothing to worry about.

The best part about our website is that it is easy to maneuver and use accordingly. Everything is clearly defined in different sections and with precise filters we enable you a purchasing system that is both easy and efficient.

Some other Perks:

Factory Direct is not just confined to a certain category like beds or mattresses, rather we have a large variety of additional categories such as furniture, bed bases, headboards, frames and sports therapy collection. These additional perks allow us to not only target a wider audience but also enable you to have essential home products on a single site.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and have access to quality mattresses and beds!


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Choosing a Bed and Mattress for back pain

Choosing a Bed and Mattress for back painBack pain is something that most of us will suffer from at some time in our life. The Sleep Council report that up to 40% of the population will experience a problem with back pain every year. Some of the problems are caused by old age, some from wear and tear, and some from injuries. Once you have a back pain problem, then you are more likely to experience difficulty with sleep. Sometimes your bed and mattress can be part of the problem. At this stage you are likely to consider a new bed and/or mattress. Do not just go out and buy a bed that claims to be great for your back. Everyone will be different and there is definitely no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Your size, height and weight will help define the right bed for you. So choosing a Bed and Mattress for back pain is very important.

So what can you do?

Our advice, backed up by the Sleep Council, is to think carefully about the purchase. Do not just go for the cheapest, discounted bed available. Set out your requirements carefully to ensure that your bed provides you with correct support and comfort. If you are tall, then you may want to consider an extra-long bed, or probably more sensibly a bed that does not have a foot board. If you are well-built then a very soft mattress is unlikely to help you.

Also think carefully about the “labels” attached to mattresses and beds. Orthopaedic often means that it is just a much firmer mattress. It is not just the firmness that matters; it is the amount of support that the bed and mattress provide. An example of this is that we supply “Sports Mattresses” that have been designed with a range of features that not only alleviate pressure points, but also provide a better airflow around your body.

Firm Mattress for a Bad Back?

The conventional wisdom that you need a firm mattress for a bad back is being reconsidered, because experts now realise that it is more about the support to the right areas of the body (not just the back) rather than firmness that affects the comfort experienced. Better comfort equals better sleep. Better sleep equals better recovery. Sometimes a medium firm bed gives better support and comfort than a very firm bed.

The firmness of a bed is not the only factor to consider, after all a wooden board is very firm, but you will quickly feel uncomfortable on it because it does not flex to your body shape. If you are a small person then your weight will require less support than if you are a bigger person. What many people do not realise is that using different variations of springs and fillings will affect the firmness and comfort of a bed. The old methods of using horse hair or feathers were better than a wooden board, but we have come a long way with mattress technology since those days. Even mattress springs come in different designs and these will have different effects on supporting your body and bad back.

Now if you have a bad back and your mattress needs turning regularly to manage wear and tear, which is not ideal. There are mattresses that do not need turning – do not forget that a good quality mattress is likely to be heavy.

Choosing your mattress

Another mistake people make is to just go into a shop and lie on a mattress for a minute or two and make a choice. Think about times you felt comfortable on am mattress; that hotel, your friend’s house and try to find a mattress like that one. We recommend talking to our experienced staff and narrowing down your choice to 2 or 3 mattresses and beds. Then spend a good amount of time laying on the options you have chosen in a realistic sleeping style. Most people will come into our showroom and lie on their back for about 1 to 3 minutes and make their decision based on it being “so comfortable”. But how many of us actually sleep on our backs – if you do then fine? More of us sleep on our sides. It is more usual for discomfort to become apparent when you are lying in your natural sleeping position AND after a longer period. So lie in the same position you sleep in and try the mattress for at least 10 minutes. A reputable store will be more than happy for you to take your time making the right choice.

To find out more about our range of beds and mattresses call 01455 200 111 or click here.


Published Date: 2nd September 2015
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Sleep through the heat with FD Beds

We love the summer here at FD Beds. Long, warm evenings, BBQ’s with friends and family, picnics in the sun – what’s not to love? Well one part of the summer that isn’t as lovable is bedtime. We’ve all been there – tossing and turning at all hours stuck to the sheets? Being too hot to sleep is horrible, and it can leave you feeling exhausted, irritable and worn out the next day – meaning you can’t enjoy the summer sun during the daylight hours!

But fear not- we are here to ease your summer sleeping habits with our Blu Cool Memory Foam™! This is no ordinary memory foam, its unique properties ensure that it does not retain body heat. This means that while it still provides the same unique properties of memory foam, it does so without the heat.

Blu Cool Memory Foam™

Research shows that there seems to be an ideal temperature for sleep and when this temperature is very high, it can take you longer to fall asleep, and once sleep is achieved, it is more likely to be disturbed. With a Blu Cool Memory Foam™ mattress you are much more likely to keep you core temperature from rising as you mattress will no retain your body heat. This allows for a much more settled and better quality sleep!

So what are you waiting for?! Don’t let the hot summer evening affect your sleep and spoil you summer. Call us on: 01455 200 111 for more information about our Blu Cool Memory Foam™.

Other tips for keeping cool during hot summer nights-

Choose cotton sheets – Light bed linens made of lightweight cotton are breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom.

Drink plenty – Drink lots and lots or ice-water and keep some with you and in the fridge over night for a refreshing cool down.

Cold water bottles – During the summer fill your hot water bottle and stick it in the freezer to create a bed-friendly ice pack!

Cold sheets – You can effectively cool down a whole room by hanging a cold wet sheet in front of an open window. The breeze blowing in will help to bring down the room’s temperature


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