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Searching for The Ultimate in Luxury? Try Our Super King Size Bed!

If sheer comfort is all that you need after a tiring, nerve-wrecking, and high-pressure day, it’s important that you pick the right bed for yourself. For most working people, much of their after-work time is spent on their bed; they just want to tuck in, get comfy, and have their favourite cup of tea/coffee while watching TV or reading a book. But just getting any bed isn’t the choice; you have to take varying factors into consideration before picking up a new bed. And if you really value your sleep and health, it’s important you get only the ultimate in luxury, a super king-size bed, and that you can get only from FD Beds in UK.

Here it is how we provide the world’s best king size beds in UK for your every kind of taste and need.

Top-notch Sourcing

When it’s about your comfort, you can’t compromise on the quality. But the inability of bed makes in correlating quality with unaffordability has made it difficult for most of us to get their “backs” onto the best bed. But with FD Beds’ special and reliable sourcing, there is always something for someone. With quality as our top priority, we ensure that our suppliers have a deal with us that’s valuable to our customers; so we keep our profit margins just satisfactory enough to get you the best value out of your spent money.

We have some of the best beds in UK, so feel free to visit our display centre anytime.

Memory Foam Beds

When it’s about the health of your back, beds made out of memory foam would mean giving a perfect support to your back’s contours through an auto adjustment process. These beds have the ability to relieve your pressure points, giving you an exhilarating and one-off experience. Our Special Memory Foam Collection is provided by Vogue Beds, who have been providing us both regular and their special Blu Cool Memory Foam.

Starting from £200, our memory foam beds can provide you all the comfort that you need to get your back in its full health, so that you get up with full energy and a cozy full night’s sleep. Our memory foam beds are available in soft knit fabric, giving you the the ultra comfort that you need.

Fabric Beds

With our biggest range of premium quality fabrics and a standard deep base, you can create your superior bed. Just pick your fabric, base and the mattress, and you have got for yourself the best mattress in UK.

Wooden Beds

Don’t like the whole knit fabric touch, get our wooden beds that provide bespoke feel when you mix and match our mattresses with our wooden bed bases.

Guaranteed comfort and quality

We know how to deliver quality at affordable prices, so give us a call, or visit our display centre; you will absolutely fall in love with our collection!


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Big savings on Beds, Mattresses and Bedroom Furniture

Can’t settle for less comfort, but don’t know where to get a quality mattresses or beds that’s affordable? Well, if you are reading through this, you are already in the right place; because we, at FD Beds, have been providing best value for money to our customers and homeowners who have been looking forward to save big on new mattress, beds and furniture.

There isn’t anything better than a comfy bed where you can tuck in yourself on a cold winter evening, sipping through your favorite cup of tea or coffee. But you don’t have to just imagine all that; because you can actually live through it and reminiscence all your favourite memories.

We offer the widest and most affordable range of beds that could make anyone feel comfortable enough to spend their whole day in bed. We guarantee absolute bliss, comfort and durability, and all that at an extremely affordable prices.

Are you looking for some adjustable mattresses to deal with your backaches or just want to upgrade your pocket spring mattress? At our FD Beds sales centre, you can have a walkthrough of our entire collection of mattress, beds, headboards, double beds and memory foams beds.


We have been sourcing from the most reliable furniture and mattress providers and that’s why our prices are unbeatable!

Are you looking for a great double bed? Why not get one from FD Bed? We have the biggest range of beds that could ever get. Is it a children bed or a memory foam bed that you are looking for? We cater to the need of the masses with our extensive variety of latex, orthopaedic, pocket, ottoman storage, Airstream, summer and spring and children beds.


But we don’t only sell mattresses and beds, because we want to optimize your experience, and that’s why we also provide all the accompaniments like headboards, frames and so on. With our range, it won’t be an issue for you to pick the correct headboard for your bedroom. It not only compliments the aesthetics of your room, but also provide a touch of quality.

At FD Beds, we have a massive range of headboards with the option to pick your own fabric and frame (wooden or metal). We provide headboards in different shapes and sizes to match your needs.


Is it time to upgrade your furniture, why not do it from FD Beds? Whether it’s drawer wardrobe, single mirror, dressing table or a bookcase, you can never beat our prices and quality. And as aforementioned, we care for our customers and we want best for them in terms of quality, durability and affordability.


Order Now!

It’s the right time to get your new king size bed, double beds and memory foam beds, because we are all stocked with our best variety ever. It’s time to get all comfy with our affordable mattresses and bed sets, and we promise to deliver you the best!


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Shop FD Beds Most Popular and Best Selling Mattresses

After a long hard day at work the best thing you can get is a good night’s sleep in a warm soft bed, but what makes that bed the way it is, is a good mattress. The mattress is the heart and soul of a bed because without it the bed is just merely a frame. There are many types of mattresses out there available in the market with so many variants that it’ll make your head spin just thinking about them, and hundreds if not thousands of manufacturers making them. So how do you know that which kind is the right one for you and which manufacturer is trustworthy?

Let’s begin with the memory foam mattress; it’s almost impossible not to hear about this kind of mattress as it has been around for quite a few years. The reason it is called the memory foam mattress is due to a special kind of foam that moulds to the body shape of the person laying on it. The foam reacts to the body heat and weight of the person laying on it; as soon as both these forces are applied the foam sinks down a little bit in those areas and in a way moulds to the body shape of the person. When you get up the foam still retains the body shape for a little while as the heat dissipates causing the mattress to cool and take on its former shape. The memory foam mattress is often compared to its counterpart called the pocket sprung mattress. In a pocket sprung mattress there are individual springs that are sown into their own pockets of fabric, these pockets are then spread about inside the mattress which offer support to the body of the person lying on top of it. There can be easily about 2000-2500 in a standard king sized mattress. Pocket sprung mattresses also adjust to different body weights due to individual spring such that if you and your partner are of different weights then the individual springs will displace accordingly leaving the rest of the mattress up to level and won’t cave in as other mattresses do. In addition to these two kinds we have a special kind called an orthopaedic mattress. Basically an orthopaedic mattress is a sub variant of either of them that has special supports for joints, back and overall body. The orthopaedic mattress is a special product for those who suffer from bone problems.

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So, now that we have a better understanding of the kinds of mattresses available, one wonders as to where to buy them – only from the best and the most popular mattress sellers known as FD Beds. FD Beds has a variety of memory foam mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses and orthopaedic mattresses in addition to other products. Here you will get quality products and amazing deals for you so you can have the good night’s sleep you deserve after a hard day’s work.


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