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Keeping your mattress clean

Keeping your mattress cleanWhy would you want to clean your mattress?  Well, if I can mention a few unpleasant facts.  The average person releases about half a pint of sweat a night. Now another not so pleasant fact is that your body is constantly losing dead skin cells.  You lose between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells an hour – that is 300,000 in an 8-hour sleep – every night.  Guess what lives on eating dead skin cells –  dust mites!

How to clean a mattress?

With all this waste skin falling on your bed and some of it getting onto your mattress, it seems sensible to clean that mattress every so often.  A good quality vacuum cleaner will remove most of these “nasties”.  So it is good practice to at least rotate the mattress regularly and suck up the dust, dead skin and other not so nice stuff from your mattress.

If your poor old mattress is getting all this sweat on it, then it naturally gets to have its own aroma.  The mattress can be deodorised using proprietary deodorisers or “the old fashioned way”.  So what is the “old way”?  Well baking soda is a natural deodoriser and will freshen up your mattress.  If you carefully spread it all over the mattress and leave it for at least 60 minutes, before vacuuming it off it will neutralise odours and whiffs.

It also pays to “air” the mattress when you change the sheets.  Try leaving the mattress open to the air for a few hours, this will help to freshen it up.

What about steam cleaning?

I know that it is becoming a fad to use steam cleaners, but I also know that mattresses and moisture don’t go together well.  There are professional cleaning companies who use specialist steam cleaners, but I would worry about normal domestic varieties and would not recommend it.  If you do steam clean you need to allow the mattress some hours to dry out, otherwise you will have introduced moisture into it and trapped it with bed covers.

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Published Date: 11th April 2016
Category: Mattresses


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