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How often should you change a mattress?

How often should you change a mattress?Most of us realise that the most important part of the bed and mattress partnership is the mattress. Like all products the mattress has a finite life. It is not just about how it looks, the most important consideration is whether it is comfortable. Obviously if it has signs of wear, then that is one factor. But unfortunately, many people do not realise that their mattress is ready for a change. Your mattress is fundamentally important to you getting a good nights sleep.

It is hard to put a precise time when you need to change a mattress. It will vary with person to person. If you are slightly heavier than the average person, then your mattress will need changing more frequently. There are several authoritative organisations that say that once your mattress reaches 5 to 7 years then it is unlikely to be giving you the support you need for a good sleep.

If you think about it, if you keep a mattress for 7 years and sleep 8 hours a night then you are using it for at least twenty thousand hours sleep. That is a lot of use and a lot of sleep time you need to get out of it.

Another factor in frequency of change will be the quality of the original mattress. It used to be recommended that you turned your mattress every 6 months, but this is not necessarily true now. Different newer types of mattress have foam on one side, making traditional turning impossible. But you can rotate the mattress so that the head end is moved round to the foot end. This will help prolong wear and tear.

What signs should I watch out for that indicates that you need to change a mattress:

  • In the morning you wake up stiff, numb and have aches and pains.
  • If you always feel tired in the morning, even after a full night’s sleep, it may be that the mattress is ready for change.
  • If you sleep better on another bed, like a hotel or worse still on the sofa.
  • If the mattress shows signs of wear and tear.  This may be saggy areas, tears, holes or lumpy bits.
  • If your mattress creeks when you move
  • If your partner is kept awake by the mattress moving when you roll over, then the mattress is no longer dampening movement
  • The mattress is seven years old or older.  It may last longer, but after 7 years you should be watching it for any of the above.

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Published Date: 10th November 2015
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