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Choosing a Bed and Mattress for back pain

Choosing a Bed and Mattress for back painBack pain is something that most of us will suffer from at some time in our life. The Sleep Council report that up to 40% of the population will experience a problem with back pain every year. Some of the problems are caused by old age, some from wear and tear, and some from injuries. Once you have a back pain problem, then you are more likely to experience difficulty with sleep. Sometimes your bed and mattress can be part of the problem. At this stage you are likely to consider a new bed and/or mattress. Do not just go out and buy a bed that claims to be great for your back. Everyone will be different and there is definitely no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Your size, height and weight will help define the right bed for you. So choosing a Bed and Mattress for back pain is very important.

So what can you do?

Our advice, backed up by the Sleep Council, is to think carefully about the purchase. Do not just go for the cheapest, discounted bed available. Set out your requirements carefully to ensure that your bed provides you with correct support and comfort. If you are tall, then you may want to consider an extra-long bed, or probably more sensibly a bed that does not have a foot board. If you are well-built then a very soft mattress is unlikely to help you.

Also think carefully about the “labels” attached to mattresses and beds. Orthopaedic often means that it is just a much firmer mattress. It is not just the firmness that matters; it is the amount of support that the bed and mattress provide. An example of this is that we supply “Sports Mattresses” that have been designed with a range of features that not only alleviate pressure points, but also provide a better airflow around your body.

Firm Mattress for a Bad Back?

The conventional wisdom that you need a firm mattress for a bad back is being reconsidered, because experts now realise that it is more about the support to the right areas of the body (not just the back) rather than firmness that affects the comfort experienced. Better comfort equals better sleep. Better sleep equals better recovery. Sometimes a medium firm bed gives better support and comfort than a very firm bed.

The firmness of a bed is not the only factor to consider, after all a wooden board is very firm, but you will quickly feel uncomfortable on it because it does not flex to your body shape. If you are a small person then your weight will require less support than if you are a bigger person. What many people do not realise is that using different variations of springs and fillings will affect the firmness and comfort of a bed. The old methods of using horse hair or feathers were better than a wooden board, but we have come a long way with mattress technology since those days. Even mattress springs come in different designs and these will have different effects on supporting your body and bad back.

Now if you have a bad back and your mattress needs turning regularly to manage wear and tear, which is not ideal. There are mattresses that do not need turning – do not forget that a good quality mattress is likely to be heavy.

Choosing your mattress

Another mistake people make is to just go into a shop and lie on a mattress for a minute or two and make a choice. Think about times you felt comfortable on am mattress; that hotel, your friend’s house and try to find a mattress like that one. We recommend talking to our experienced staff and narrowing down your choice to 2 or 3 mattresses and beds. Then spend a good amount of time laying on the options you have chosen in a realistic sleeping style. Most people will come into our showroom and lie on their back for about 1 to 3 minutes and make their decision based on it being “so comfortable”. But how many of us actually sleep on our backs – if you do then fine? More of us sleep on our sides. It is more usual for discomfort to become apparent when you are lying in your natural sleeping position AND after a longer period. So lie in the same position you sleep in and try the mattress for at least 10 minutes. A reputable store will be more than happy for you to take your time making the right choice.

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Published Date: 2nd September 2015
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Sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses

Sizing up with Sports Therapy MattressesThe idea of having a sports mattress for those who are more active is beginning to become more understood.  Many of people aspire to having a sports mattress but worry that these mattresses might be huge and expensive.  Now the great thing for FD Beds is that we have mattresses that allow you to spread out and others that need a smaller bed to fit a smaller room. So we have considered your needs about sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses with our range of mattresses.

Sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses

Our Sports Therapy mattresses can be supplied in a range of eight sizes starting with a single mattress (90 x 190cm), through to a double mattress (135 x 190), a king size (150 x 190) right up to a luxurious super king mattress (180 x 198cm).  We also provide the added choice of having an optional 25 cm depth to provide even greater support than the 20 cm depth version.

The FD Beds sports therapy mattresses have been designed to anyone sleep who has an active lifestyle.  This means anyone who is a Sports professional or is just health conscious and has an active lifestyle.

All our Sports therapy mattresses have at their heart a cleverly constructed multi zone foam.  This foam has individual castellated comfort cells designed to create air channels.  These are in place to enhance ventilation, airflow and to cool the mattress.  This is important because it promotes therapeutic sleep.  A good therapeutic sleep aids the recovery and relaxation needed for sports aches and pains; which helps to alleviate pressure points to allow a better nights sleep.

If you want to find out more about sizing up with Sports Therapy Mattresses, why don’t you take a look at our Sports Mattress range by clicking here.  For further information on Sports Therapy mattresses, please call 01455 200 111. For sleep and other sports related suggestions, follow FD Beds on Facebook and Twitter.


Published Date: 1st September 2015
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