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How to stop your bed becoming a battleground

How do you sleep in bed with your partner? Cuddled up in a cosy, spooning position all night? Waking up in a warm embrace? Our guess is no, because let’s face it, most of us don’t! Life is not a Hollywood blockbuster, and in reality sharing a bed with your partner isn’t always the dream we see on the big screen.

A lot of medical research into sleep habits over the last decade suggests that couples who share a bed are more likely to live longer and stay healthier than those who sleep alone. It’s believed that sharing a bed boosts emotional well-being and lowers the risk of depression, and we can understand why. It can be lovely to share a bed with your loved one and naturally many people find it very comforting.

With that said a decent night’s sleep with your other half can sometimes be a real challenge. From the sly stealing of covers to loud, irritating snoring, what was once a warm body by your side can quickly become a recipe for restlessness and arguments – a far cry from good health and happiness.

So what can you do to make sleeping as one a more pleasant experience? We have a few tips –

Try a bigger bed?
Did you know that average sleeper will turn over 60 times in the night?  It’s a wonder we don’t all fall out of our beds more regularly! For this reason, it’s important that you have enough space to move around, get comfortable and stretch out without disturbing your partner – and vice versa!

According to The Sleep Council, the easiest way to check if you have enough space in bed is to lie on your back next to your partner on the mattress, with your hands behind your heads, elbows out to either side. If your elbows touch, the bed is too small. We have a huge range of quality king size beds that are sure to give you and you partner the room you need!

Use two duvets
Another common cause of sleep disturbance between partners is stolen covers. It can be really irritating and can even cause arguments in relationships. The simplest solution to this issue we can find is to get your own set of bed covers! Having buying two duvets to cover each side of the bed separately stops cover-stealing and allows you to both have a cover in a tog and texture that you like.

Turn down the temperature
Being too hot in bed is horrible and very uncomfortable. It can make you more irritable and restless, and thus more like to get irritated by your partner’s movements! Our Blu Cool Memory Foam™ can massively help with maintaining a pleasant temperature in bed as its unique properties ensure that it does not retain body heat, thus providing the same unique properties of memory foam but without the heat.

Try a different bed
If your bed isn’t providing you with ultimate comfort levels, then you really are fighting a losing battle. Just like with overheating in bed, an uncomfortable bed can cause you to develop aches and pains which can make you restless. It’s much harder to get to sleep and much easier for your sleep to be disturbed if your bed isn’t comfy. A more suitable, comfortable bed is sure to help you and your partner sleep more harmoniously.

If you think your bed isn’t providing you with the night’s sleep you deserve, then please call FD Beds. We promise to help you sleep easy!


Published Date: 21st May 2015
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