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How to reset your body clock

In January many of us make ourselves a promise to sleep better in the year. Once we have settled into a pattern however our bodies are used to sleeping at certain times of the night.

It can be hard to break this cycle but we have provided some steps to help reset your body clock so you can start the replenishing sleep cycle you want for yourself.

In the morning make sure you switch the lights on and open the curtains right way. Our body responds to light as if it was a cue for waking up. During winter make sure you have bright lighting on in the evening rather than subtle lamps as this will help keep your mind and body awake until you want to go to sleep.

Similarly towards the end of the evening switch from bright lights to soft lighting as this will suggest to your body that it’s getting closer to bedtime. Also it’s recommended to not use electronics with bright screens in the hour before you go to sleep.

Our body clocks also adjust to the times of day that we eat. It’s important that we try and eat at the same times every day to create a rhythm as this will also help our bodies understand what time of day it is.

If you’re struggling to remain asleep it might be wise to deliberately restrict the amount of time spent in bed. For example, if you keep waking from midnight till 7am it could help to go to bed at 2 and sleep solidly. Once you’ve achieved this then try expanding the amount of time spent in bed.

Everyone’s partial to a cup of coffee in the morning but some of us continue drinking it throughout the day, however cutting out the caffeine is often overlooked when trying to reset the body clock.

Nothing beats getting the body ready for sleep as well as a good relaxing wind down cycle. Hot bath, warm milky drink and reading in bed are a good way to relax the body.

However, if you’re finding it difficult to rest in your bed then the problem is more than likely the bed itself. Changing your mattress after a 6-8 year ownership and bed frame after a lengthy amount of time will help you sleep more comfortably with more support for your body.

At FD Beds we specialise in beds and can find the right one for you, whether you need a new memory foam one that will mould itself to suit you or a pocket sprung mattress for extra luxury in the night. Whatever you need, our friendly staff will help you to find the perfect bed to assist you in a peaceful night and a stress-free day. Get in touch today!


Published Date: 12th January 2015
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