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2014 County cricket team get sleep recovery with FD Beds

Richard Pryah uses sports therapy mattresses from FD Beds

Yorkshire County Cricket Club has won the 2014 LV= County Championship. Liam Plunkett, Andrew Hodd, Richard Pyrah, Dan Hodgson and Moin Ashraf, members of the winning team, aid their recovery by sleeping on a FD Beds Sports Therapy mattress.

It has been a particularly successful season for Richard Pyrah who secured the club the County Championship with the winning catch.  The club has also awarded Richard with A Benefit Year in 2015.

FD Beds Sports Therapy mattresses are specifically designed for anyone with an active lifestyle, from professionals to an amateur sports people.  At the centre of each of the mattresses is a multi-zone foam unit with individual castellated comfort cells which create air channels. These enhance ventilation and airflow while cooling the mattress. This unique combination promotes therapeutic sleep by alleviating pressure points and easing aches and pains.

For further information on FD Beds’ Sports Therapy collection, please call 01455 200 111 or click here.


Published Date: 24th October 2014
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The secret to a good night’s sleep

The ability to get a good night’s sleep shouldn’t come down to hints and tips, but sometimes when the events of daily life get in the way such as work commitments, social engagements and stress it can be easy to forget how to turn off and get a rested sleep.

Essential for good physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, the consequences of not getting little or poor quality levels of sleep can be overwhelming, upsetting hormones, appetite and can even lead to medical conditions such as obesity and heart disease.

With this in mind FD Beds have put together a quick reminder of how to ensure you get not only a good night of sleep but a rested one too:

The right mattress

Goldilocks and the three bearsRemember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? It took two attempts before she found a bed that was just right.

Just like Goldilocks, finding a decent mattress isn’t as clear cut as just picking the right one. To add to the mix, there are a diverse range of mattress materials, firmness and designs to choose from and if you’re not sure what benefits each has, then how can you reap the benefits? From latex, memory foam, right through to pocket spring, the choices are limitless.

Try a few out, pay close attention to the way you sleep and particular areas of your body that need more support.

Similarly if your mattress is older than 10 years, lumps and bumps could’ve made an appearance and it could be time to upgrade.

View FD Beds range of mattresses here or find our showroom and pop in to try some out for yourself.

The right pillow

Pillows should ideally be replaced every two years as over time a build up of old skin cells; mould and dust mites could be present.

These day pillows have plenty of different softness levels meaning that you can tailor yours to support common problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain.

Bear in mind that a good pillow will align your head with your shoulders making sleeping less of a strain on your joins and vertebrae.

Varied fillings should also be tried and tested to see if they suit you, such as hypoallergenic fillings for those who are vulnerable to sneezing and natural fibres for temperature efficient sleeping.

Eye masks can help your relax when sleepingSurroundings

The mood of your bedroom will be key in creating the perfect sanctuary to relax and recharge. Make sure that your bedroom only contains essentials such as a bed, bedroom furniture, and curtains/black out blinds while remaining uncluttered.

If you store work papers or have a television in your room this will distract you and lead your mind to wander.

Consider wearing an eye mask and switching on mood music to de-clutter your own mind.

When the lights are off a bedroom should be dark, quiet and cool.

Bed attire

When skin is warm it help s to reduce the rate your blood circulates around your body, cooling your body down and in turn helping you get a better night of sleep. If you usually sleep naked in bed consider wearing lightweight pyjamas which aren’t too tight and restrictive but aren’t too loose to irritate skin.

If you do wear pyjamas, ensure that they are made from natural materials which allow your skin to breathe with ease and not sweat or over heat at night.

Blue light can affect your sleep at nightBlue light

The inability to sleep, or insomnia feeds on the minute details of life from relationship troubles to money worries and thoughts of the last television programme you watched.

The soft blue light which emits from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, digital clocks and televisions can be an ingredient in the meal that insomnia eats as the short waves of blue artificial light emitted by these technologies can interfere with sleep even with your eyes closed.

Research conducted by the National centre for Biotechnology Information has shown that exposure to artificial light suppresses t he production of melatonin which controls sleeping and waking cycles meaning that a reduction in the hormones therefore associated with sleeplessness.

Avoid artificial light at least 30 minutes before bed.

AT FD Beds, we specialise in peaceful and rested nights of sleep. Browse our website, contact us or visit out Barwell, Leicestershire showroom to see how we can help you have sweet dreams.


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