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How you can relax at the beginning of the “Stress Year”

It is official: Sepstresstember marks the start of the most stressful period of the year.

To many of us this will not be very surprising news, after all September is the beginning of the academic new year for children, teenagers, and students. This means that it is also the start of the year for employees in the education sector as well as thousands of people who are starting a new job as many employers choose to recruit staff in this month.

For students and teachers in particular, they have just finished a relaxing 6-week break (longer for those who have completed their GCSEs) and so the thought of having to wait 3 months for their next holiday feels like a lifetime.

As the next few months are considered to be a build up to Christmas, needing to save up money for the festive season is another thing that begins to weigh on the mind.

A recent study conducted by the Sleep Council concluded that nearly 90% of people admitted to suffering from stress-related issues with almost 40% identifying themselves as being regularly or constantly stressed.

75% of those surveyed stated that problems with stress caused them to have difficulty sleeping, and unfortunately a vicious cycle could come into play as almost a third of those surveyed said that difficulties getting to sleep instigated increased levels of stress.

You too might be finding that you are struggling to get to sleep. If you have tried sleeping in different positions, temperatures, and even different rooms in your home then you might feel at a loss to identify how you can get to sleep more easily.

Furthermore, it may be beginning to take a toll on your professional (or school) life because a lack of sleep almost always leads to a drop in concentration levels. Particularly if you are still learning at school or university, you need a good level sleep to help you focus and study as effectively as possible.

So what are some of the key things that you should do to help you de-stress and sleep more easily?

Exercise Regularly

Exercising helps you to de-stress because it is a simple way to let off steam, stretch your body, and release tension. In addition to the many physical advantages of exercise, experts have found that it releases chemicals in your brain that help you to feel good.

Physical movements also enable you to get your heart beating faster and perspire to the extent that by the time you go to bed your body is exhausted and so sleep comes much more naturally.

Sometimes we feel that doing exercise is wasting time that we should be dedicating to getting our work done. However, allowing your body to stretch will mean that you will get to sleep more quickly and have a lot more energy to throw into your work the next day.

Watch What You Eat

Like exercise, what you eat can affect your mood, concentration, and overall happiness. Not only do we feel very guilty and down about ourselves following a binge on junk food, it is also very low in nutritional value but high in calories which means that it can cause you to feel bloated, unhealthy, and generally depressed.

A simple, healthy diet can reduce stress as it avoids the highs and come downs that are produced by lots of caffeine or sugar-intensive foods. If you are a regular drinker of wine, you might be amazed that by cutting down on it you will not only notice your weight reducing but you will feel a lot more refreshed following a sleep and therefore less exhausted during the day.

Make a Plan

Sometimes it feels as though there is so much to do that we are never going to get to where we need to be or achieve what is required – and this can cause anxiety particularly in the night when there is little else to distract you. However, just by making a simple plan you can feel less lost and more focused on achieving your goals.

Whether you are planning to gain a promotion, to present a project at work / school, or even to lose weight – the first step should always be a thorough, detailed plan that you can look at in the morning, follow, and ultimately complete.

Planning prevents thoughts from becoming stress and instead transforms them into action.

Invest in the Right Bedroom Furniture

For you to organise yourself and feel motivated in the morning you need to have had a good night’s sleep. As we have discussed, there are lots of reasons that cause troubles sleeping, the main one being stress; and unfortunately stress can prevent sleeping and so the cycle continues.

If you have slept in the same bed for years –or if you recently moved into a new bed but have had other things on your mind such as getting used to a new home – then you may not have noticed that the mattress you are sleeping on is not actually very comfortable.

Sleeping on the right mattress is imperative to a good night’s sleep – you need to feel as comfortable as possible from the moment you get into bed.

At FD Beds we specialise in beds and can find the right one for you, whether you need a new memory foam one that will mould itself to suit you or a pocket sprung mattress for extra luxury in the night.

Whatever you need, our friendly staff will help you to find the perfect bed to assist you in a peaceful night and a stress-free day.

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Published Date: 8th September 2014
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