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Banish Back Pain with a Memory Foam mattress

40 hours a week sat in an office chair can lead to detrimental effects on both your back and posture. On average 7.6 million working days were missed because of back pain caused from sitting hour by hour at your desk.  To finally conquer and banish back pain Factory Direct Beds advise you to do the following in your fight against back pain:

Fix your desk

The cause of your pain saking back ache could materialize from your desk set up. Ensuring your desk is set up correctly could hit the back pain front on.

Lifting your monitor to eye level will stop you curling your shoulders over your screen and prevent you from doing your best Hunchback of Notre-Dame impression. Once you’ve raised your screen it’s important you compliment this with a carefully set up chair, make sure the small of your back is well supported and your chair is at suitable level. Keep your feet firmly placed at all times and bring desk items closer to prevent you over stretching to reach for a phone call or a pencil.


Our bodies weren’t built to be sat at a desk hour on hour; we are built to move so ensure your body is well engineered for desk life.

Regular exercise including swimming, running and weight lifting will strengthen your back and supporting muscles, which will make your body able to withstand the working week in your office chair. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity in a day, this will not only increase your fitness but it will slowly create a stronger back which can withstand an office based occupation.

In addition to regular exercise it’s also vitally important that you stretch and loosen tight muscles with yoga and sports massages or foam rollers. Yoga will not only stretch your back but it will strengthen your spine and core which in turn will help you remain prone for longer period of times. It’s also good to match a yoga routine with foam rolling. Foam rolling will loosen tight muscles and are significantly cheaper to a sports massage.

Memory Foam

We work for an average of 8 hours and should also aim for 6 to 8 hours sleep per night. So it’s vitally important that you defeat back pain with a combination of an ergonomically optimized desk, exercise and a suitable bed. Factory Direct recommended that you consider a memory foam mattress for your bed.

Memory foam is a concept which was first conceived by NASA in the 1960’s. Yes that’s right; the people who put men on the moon have used memory foam. It’s made from Visco-elastic which is extremely absorbent, soft to touch and perfect for suffers of back pain.

A memory foam bed moulds to the body to evenly distribute your body weight supporting your curves and the natural lines of your body. This makes it the perfect material to sleep 6-8 hours on and will help you overcome back pain by just sleeping.

At Factory Direct we have a variety of memory foam based beds in a variety of sizes and prices to suit our customers’ needs and budget.

If you’re looking for a bed for a smaller budget we would recommended the Ortho King Memory Divan bed which comes with free delivery and a medium firmness rating.

With a slightly bigger budget you could purchase the Pocket King Memory Divan which offers a luxurious soft knit and vents on the sidewall and stitched sidewalls.

If money is no object we would recommend the Empress 1500 Memory Divan which comes with a 7cm layer of the amazing Blu Cool Memory Foam, a micro-quilted design and a luxurious soft floral knit cover.

If you have any questions or need advice on how memory foam could benefit you then contact us or visit our Leicester showroom where you will be able to try out the beds for yourself.


Published Date: 11th August 2014
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Dame Sarah Storey floats in her sleep thanks to FD Beds

Dame SaraDame Sarah Storeyh Storey DBE is one of Great Britain’s most versatile and successful Paralympians in history having won 11 gold, eight silver and three bronze medals across an impressive six Paralympic Games. She has won her medals in two sports – swimming and cycling. With an international career that has spanned more than 20 years, Sarah has a unique and inspiring story, not least because she has also won some of her gold medals as an able-bodied athlete

“Sleep and recovery are as important as physical training so athletes spend a lot of time resting”, Sarah comments. This is why she sleeps on an FD Bed’s Sport Therapy mattress.

Sarah continues, “The Sports Therapy mattress provides an incredible sleep experience with all the comfort for a ‘I don’t want to get up’ feeling and all the practical attributes of never overheating and being supportive to the entire length of your body. It is so relaxing it feels as though you are floating.”

The Sports Therapy Latex model combines sports therapy foam and Talalay Latex to ensure a mattress without compromise. Talalay is a radically different version of latex foam; the manufacturing process allows you to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. With no loss of elasticity, it offers optimal support which, coupled with mildew resistance and anti-allergenic properties, makes for a very desirable product.

Its impressive air-flow technology and unique mesh border helps propel air-flow throughout the cleverly-constructed, castellated multi-zone foam unit in the mattress, meaning it is breathable and keeps the body at the ideal temperature for uninterrupted and efficient sleep. It’s a smart choice for sports professionals and also those who like to lead an active lifestyle.


Published Date: 6th August 2014
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