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Fight the heat – get to sleep

Many of us have been praying for decent weather for some time with the temperamental bouts of rain followed by sporadic moments of sun. But now summer is finally here, it’s apparent that you can’t please everyone as a few people have already started complaining about sleepless nights due to the humidity – it’s just too hot and sticky!

You may remember a time when drifting off to sleep was instantaneous and you could remain in a state of serene sleep throughout the entire night, but now thanks to recent reports it is suggested that many of us could be set for uncomfortable nights of sleep as temperatures soar to 30 degrees this Friday, with high humidity.

A lack of a quality night’s sleep can be linked to a variety of concerns including drowsiness, lack of concentration and learning which is why you will want to ensure every effort is made to enable you to get well rested this warm weekend!

Here at Factory Direct Beds, we specialise in quality nights of sleep and have put together a list of tips to ensure that you beat the summer heat and get a great night of sleep:

1. Wear cool, baggy clothing – baggy clothing enables air to circulate and if it is made of cotton it also benefits from breathability. Try to steer clear of dark coloured pyjamas in the summer months as they retain heat, opt for lighter colours.

2. Hot water bottle – before you shake your head, a hot water bottle can also be used to keep cool. Fill it with water and pop it in the freezer, just before you go to bed pop it in the bed to cool the bed’s temperature down.

3. Shut blinds/curtains – Shutting your blinds and curtains throughout the day means that sun won’t be able to get in, leaving your home cooler – if you’re at home during the day it also works to open windows so that air gets in and can circulate while the blinds and windows are closed, otherwise open a window just before going to bed to let in a steady breeze (make sure you close it before you go to sleep though)

4. Got a fan? – Placing a fan in the bedroom either facing upwards or towards the window can create a cooling cross breeze.

5. Pre-sleep ritual – Develop one, this can mean everything from winding down with a book, listening to calm music or having a cool bath. Doing something that doesn’t stimulate your brain too much will mean that it will wind down easier therefore meaning you can relax easily.

6. Mattress type – Some mattresses retain more heat than others. A polyester based pocket sprung mattress is more likely to disperse heat better during the warmer months while providing comfort and support. Memory Foam mattresses can also work well in winter when combined with a mattress protector.  View our range of summer and winter mattresses here.

7. Avoid stimulants – Heavy meals, alcohol, exercise and caffeine right before bed time not only increase circulation but they also stimulate us meaning that they are made to keep you awake. Not productive when you’re already struggling with the heat.

8. Sleep lower – Ever heard of the age old saying that ‘heat rises’ well this works all over the house. Sleeping closer to the ground means you will be cooler than sleeping higher up. We stock a variety of bed frames all of different heights.

9. Sheets – Avoid man-made materials when you’re sleeping as they won’t enable your skin to breathe. Opt for cotton sheets instead of a duvet.

10. Hydrate – Keeping hydrated throughout the day ensures that your body is kept cooler not only throughout the day but also has enough water to keep cool at night.

Remember our team of staff are experienced in all of our ranges and are happy to assist or answer any questions that you may have about your sleeping furniture.

Please take the time to browse our website or pop into our showroom in Hinckley where you will find our comprehensive collection of beds and mattresses showcased. We deliver to all surrounding areas including Nottingham, Birmingham and Leicester.


Published Date: 17th July 2014
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