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Australian Batsman uses FD Beds Sports Therapy Mattress

Joe Burns uses FD Beds Sports Therapy MattressJoe Burns is one of Leicestershire County Cricket Club’s overseas professional players, who hails from Australia.  Jose signed for LCC for the 2013 summer season as part of his player development process to improve his cricket  so that he can perform at the highest level.

Joe has developed a reputation for being one of Australia’s promising young batsmen and currently plays for the Queensland cricket team .

Joe Burns has benefited this season from sleeping on a Sports Therapy mattress by FD Beds.

Joe said, “Having travelled from Australia, I was not sleeping well at all and this was affecting me during the day, and the knock-on effect was that I was unable to concentrate and perform to the best of my ability. I was introduced to FD Beds and they suggested I tried a Sports Therapy mattress, I can honestly say that it made a massive difference. I was able to have comfortable, peaceful sleep which meant I was rested and ready to perform as a professional player.”

FD Bed’s Sports Mattress mattress has the latest air-flow technology for breathability and built-in comfort. The body is kept at an optimum temperature to provide a perfect night’s sleep.  It does this with a unique mesh border to ensure air flow through its uniquely constructed castellated multi-zone foam unit. This design helps promote a therapeutic sleep, alleviates pressure points and aids and refreshes sports pains and aches. As a result, the Sports Therapy mattress is ideal for people with an active lifestyle, from professionals to amateurs alike.

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Published Date: 19th August 2013
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Who gets the most sleep?

The Guardian Careers Work Blog has conducted a survey into the amount of sleep that different work sectors enjoy.  It highlights those areas that tend to lack the norm of 7 to 8 hours sleep a night and some who enjoy at least 9 hours sleep a night.

Who gets the most sleep?

Some like the business services sector have less sleep than others, with almost half taking an average of less than six hours sleep a night.   Those in government, politics and education also tend to get have six hours or fewer sleep per night.

Finance and accountancy professionals seem to sleep better than most with 70% having more than six hours rest a night.  Interestingly, 5% of this business sector get more than nine hours.If you want to read more about this interesting research click here.

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Chris Hyde World-class polo player testimonial

Chris Hyde“I’ve really noticed how comfortable the Sports Therapy mattress is. It has helped me sleep well after a long day’s exercising and playing. I’ve also noticed how supportive it feels on my body, especially when I’ve got any aches and pains after a challenging day on the field.”  Chris Hyde World-class polo player


Published Date: 2nd August 2013
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