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World Champion 400m Hurdler, Dai Greene, chooses our mattress

Dai GreenWorld Champion 400m Hurdler, Dai Greene, chooses the comfort and ergonomics of a stylish Sports Therapy mattress from FD Beds

If you lead an active lifestyle, like top sportsman Dai Greene, who is the Commonwealth and World Champion holder for the 400m hurdles, give your body optimum support and help alleviate any sports strains by sleeping on the latest Sports Therapy mattress from FD Beds.

‘I’m very happy with the mattress as I find it very comfortable after a long day training,’ says Dai. ‘I chose the firm option and, not only does it help me unwind, it has helped relieve stiffness through my lower back. I go to sleep feeling relaxed and wake up feeling flexible.’

The Sports Therapy mattress features luxury Talalay Latex for the ultimate in serene style. Talalay is a pioneering product in that it offers optimum support while keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The structure of the mattress is designed to help promote therapeutic sleep, alleviating pressure points and refreshing any sports aches and pains. Its impressive air-flow technology and unique mesh border helps propel air-flow throughout the cleverly-constructed, castellated multi-zone foam unit in the mattress, meaning it is breathable and keeps the body at the ideal temperature for uninterrupted and efficient sleep. It’s a smart choice for sports professionals and also those who like to lead an active lifestyle.

For further information on Vogue Beds’ Sports Therapy collection, please call 01455 200 111 or visit our sports mattress page.


Published Date: 20th June 2013
Category: Sports Mattresses



Testimonial from Dr Sarah Brewer

Sarah Brewer HealthspanDr Sarah Brewer comments on her FD Beds Sport Therapy mattress ‘ I was sceptical that a mattress could improve my quality of sleep, but now I’m convinced. My post-ski shoulder pain has gone, my husband’s persistent backache is solved, and I’m sleeping so heavily it’s sometimes difficult to get up. It’s a long time since I remember feeling so refreshed.’


Published Date: 18th June 2013
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If you exercise well – and then why not sleep well on an FD Beds Sports Therapy mattress

FD Beds Sports MattressWe all know the benefits of exercising, we are bombarded with messages telling us this. Blood pressure is lowered which cuts the risk of heart disease and stroke and our mood is improved because endorphins are released in our brain.  We feel a sense of well-being, and exercise can help our sense of anxiety as well as reduce our sensitivity to pain.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that exercising can help you to get a good night’s sleep. The NSF survey found that people who exercise early in the day or just before going to bed tend to sleep better than those who don’t exercise at all.  More importantly,  exercising improved the quality of sleep.

What is not appreciated by many is that sleep is a  very important factor in aiding your body’s recovery from exercise. FD Bed’s Sports Therapy mattresses have been designed for those with an active lifestyle. Each Sports Therapy mattress is constructed with a multi-zone foam unit that has individual castellated comfort cells to create air channels. By having the air channels, the ventilation and airflow are enhanced, but also the mattress is cooled. By alleviating pressure points and easing aches and pains the FD Beds Sports Mattresses unique construction helps to promote a more therapeutic sleep pattern.


Published Date: 12th June 2013
Category: Sports Mattresses


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