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Leicestershire cricketer Greg Smith uses FD Beds Mattress

Greg SmithGreg Smith gets a good night’s sleep to help him perform at his peak for Leicestershire County Cricket by using our new Sports Therapy mattress has helped  play  Club. F

“I have had just a few nights on my Sports Therapy mattress. I have already noticed the positive influence it has had on both my sleep quality and recovery. I would thoroughly recommend this product”.

The Sports Therapy Collection range of mattresses has been specially designed for those who have an active lifestyle.  This can be anyone from the sports professional to the person who just enjoys walking. Each mattress has a multi-zone foam unit which, through comfort cells, creates extra support and air channels to enhance ventilation and cool the mattress.


Published Date: 28th May 2013
Category: Sports Mattresses



Award-winning polo player Chris Hyde achieves a sound night’s sleep with FD Beds

Chris HydeWorld-class polo player Chris Hyde has been sleeping on the latest Sports Therapy mattress from FD Beds.  He is known for his achievements of winning the Cartier Trophy at the 2013 St Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow tournament and the Bryan Morrison Trophy at the 2013 International Arena Polo Test Match at Hickstead, .

“I’ve really noticed how comfortable the Sports Therapy mattress from Vogue Beds is,’ says Chris. ‘It has helped me sleep well after a long day’s exercising and playing. I’ve noticed how supportive it feels on my body, especially when I’ve got any aches and pains after a challenging day on the field.’

The sports-therapy mattress helps Chris ensure he has an balanced and supportive night’s sleep.

The mattress is uniquely designed with the latest air-flow technology for breathability and comfort. It features a unique mesh border that helps propel air flow through the cleverly constructed castellated multi-zone foam unit in the mattress, to ensure the body is kept at the optimum temperature for the perfect night’s sleep. This design helps promote a therapeutic sleep, alleviates pressure points and aids and refreshes sports pains and aches. As a result, the Sports Therapy mattress is ideal for people with an active lifestyle, from professionals such as Chris Hyde to amateurs alike.


Published Date: 5th May 2013
Category: Sports Mattresses


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