Summer & Winter Beds

Our great range of summer and winter beds all are designed so that they will keep you cool in the hot summer months, while also keep you warm in the cold winter months. If you currently have issues whether being too hot at night or too cold, potentially even both at different times of the year, then our summer and winter beds are the right range for you. With a great range of spring counts from 600 to 2000 FD Beds have a bed for every size.

As also expected like all the beds in our range the summer and winter beds are made with the highest quality materials and made to the highest standards. With these high quality materials used it means the effects in the summer and winter are more effective. The Summer side of the bed is made from polyester which disperses heat, where as the winter side is made from wool to keep the heat in. We have a great range of divans that go with the summer and winter mattresses that make an excellent combination bed. 


Hot Cold

Diamond Divan

Diamond Divan


Gold 1000 Divan

Jasmine Divan Bed

Silver 800 Divan

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