Pocket Sprung Beds

Are you looking for a way to avoid aches and pains in the morning from sore points on your bed? If so then one of our pocket sprung divan beds could be for you. Pocket springs are created individually then contained in their own fabric pockets, which allows the springs to move independently of each other. This produces excellent support for you and your partner where it is most needed. Even in the case where your weight might vary hugely to your partners the weight will distribute correctly. The more weight on a mattress, the more pocket springs should be used, so for a person weighing 12 stone, 1000 pocket springs will be very supportive while giving a medium feeling, 1500 pocket springs will give a 12 stone person a medium firm feeling bed and 2000 springs will give a 12 stone person an even more firm feeling. The more pocket springs the more supportive a bed will be.

A bigger person will gain more benefit from a 2000 unit. The weight will be equalised over a greater number of springs, the springs will not be fully compressed but allowed to ‘move’ with him. If he was on a 1000 pocket unit for example the weight is distributed over a lesser number of springs. Whereas a 12 will be quite happy on 1000 pockets.

We have a massive range of pocket sprung beds for sale. From 600 springs to all the way up to a massive 5000 pocket springs (Hampton Beds ) only available in store.

Airstream Ambience Divan
Airstream Bliss Divan
Blu Cool Amber Star Divan
Blu Cool Byron Star Divan
Blu Cool Onyx Star 1500 Divan
Blu Cool Reflex Memory 70 Divan
Blu Cool Viscount Divan
Gel Deluxe 1000 Divan
Gel Feel Sunstone Star Divan
Latex Deluxe 1000 Divan
Memory Comfort 70 Divan
Memory Contour 600 Divan
Memory Deluxe 1000 Divan
Memory Pocket Visco 2000 Divan
Memory Vasco Star Divan
Natural Amethyst Divan
Natural Harmony 800 Divan From
Natural Sapphire Divan
Natural Topaz  Divan
North Star 2000 Divan
Pocket King Memory Divan
Rapture Divan

Rapture Divan


South Star 1500 Divan
Summer & Winter Bronze 600 Divan
Summer & Winter Gold 1000 Divan
Summer & Winter Silver 800 Divan
Talalay Latex Coral Star Divan
Talalay Latex Reef Star Divan
West Star 1500 Divan
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