Gel Feel® Beds

Factory Direct's new New Gel Feel® Collection has been created from an aspiration to create a luxury bed synonymous with our brand whilst incorporating elements that meet the needs of the health aware. With this mattress you will elminate the need for a gel mattress topper, as the mattress is designed to provide the optimum support for a person's body. To this end we have included our innovative new treatment Bug Guard® which is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers because of its bug elimination qualities. The soft knit fabric used in this range has been treated with Bug Guard® and this is an innovation which not only eliminates dust mites but also bed bugs and helps allergy sufferers sleep better. This new exciting Gel Feel® is a breakthrough in providing a new filling previously not available in the market place. The Gel Feel® pad creates a unique feel previously not available in the market place.

Why Factory Direct's New Gel Feel® Collection is unique:

  • Fabric treated with Bug Guard eliminates Bed bugs, dust mites, helps allergy sufferers sleep better
  • Environmentally and user friendly
  • Unique Breathability with 3D border
  • Optimum pressure relief and Body Support
  • Breathable
  • Faster Cooling and low heat retention

All Beds in the New Gel Feel® Collection are available with an optional Pillow Top.

Gel Deluxe 1000 Divan
Gel Feel Opal Star Divan
Gel Feel Sunstone Star Divan
Gel Relax Divan

Gel Relax Divan


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